Ted’s Story

Ted called into the ChartSpan 24/7 nurse line to schedule an appointment when one of ChartSpan’s clinicians detected something was wrong. Ted was complaining of chest pain, dizziness and headache. ChartSpan’s clinician got a nurse involved, called Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and kept him on the line until an ambulance arrived and took over. ChartSpan stayed on the line with Ted to keep him alert until the paramedics were able to confirm they were taking over his care.

Ted called the 24/7 hotline to make an appointment and one of ChartSpan’s clinicians detected something was wrong. The clinician kept the patient on the line until EMS arrived and took over.

Mrs. Johnson’s Story

Mrs. Johnson called the 24/7 nurse line because she was supposed to see her Urologist, but was told by her…

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Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea stated during a call that she has been having trouble regulating her blood sugar. She also mentioned that she…

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Jim’s Story

Jim’s daughter was an approved contact for him and expressed concerns that he was not eating or drinking anything. She…

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Pearl’s Story

Pearl struggled with severe chronic pain. During a call with her ChartSpan care team, she made suicidal comments and reported…

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Helen’s Story

During their monthly call, Helen communicated to the ChartSpan clinician that she was very confused and unable to report her…

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Janet’s Story

Janet called into the ChartSpan 24/7 nurse line with concerning symptoms. A ChartSpan care coordinator and nurse worked together to…

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