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Streamline Annual Wellness Visits and Increase Revenue With Flexible AWV Software.

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Increased Recurring Revenue
Increase Revenue

up to $174 in reimbursements per AWV

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Improve MIPS, Star Rating, and ACO quality scores

to help identify and close gaps in care

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Drive Tertiary Services

to boost revenue, enhance patient outcomes, and improve quality scores

Improved Patient Outcomes
Enhance Patient Outcomes

resulting in a 5.7% reduction in healthcare costs for Medicare patients

Our AWV software is tailored to fit your practice.

RapidAWV™ simplifies your Annual Wellness Visit workflow by proactively assessing patient health risks with user-friendly Health Risk Assessments (HRAs). Fine-tuning HRA questions to your practice and patient population allows you to better identify and address gaps in care.

Never Miss An Eligible Patient

Never Miss an Eligible Patient

RapidAWV™ identifies eligible Medicare beneficiaries as they come in for appointments with real-time eligibility checks.

Fit Your Practice

Customize Assessments to Fit Your Practice

Our robust HRA tool features customizable questions for data on patient medical history, lifestyle, family history, and current health status, so you can proactively care for your patients' needs.

Preventative Care Plans

Personalize Preventative Care Plans

Our AWV software analyzes data and creates a comprehensive five- to ten-year care plan, including actionable goals, interventions, and follow-up plans.

Actionable Insights

Receive Actionable Insights Through Comprehensive Reports

The provider report identifies and prioritizes risk factors and provides screening recommendations from HRA answers. Patients also receive clear summaries of their health risks and preventive measures.

Easy Annual Wellness Visits. Better Patient Outcomes.

With our RapidAWV™ solution, you can trust that AWVs are conducted efficiently, patient outcomes are enhanced, and your practice gets rewarded for high-quality care.

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Key Benefits
  • Real-time eligibility checks against CMS’ HETS system
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Senior-friendly interface
  • Multilingual support for 50+ languages
  • Telehealth compatibility
  • No-cost EMR integration
  • MBI lookup
  • Quality/MIPS dashboard
  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • Customizable HRA questions

I was skeptical at first because we’re in rural Tennessee. A lot of people don’t have a computer… Is it (AWV software) going to speed up their time in the office, if the nurse has to sit there and go through it with them? But it’s worked, them getting it done while they’re waiting. I would say the value is definitely there.

Greg Davis | Office Manager at Dr. Gigi Davis, DO - AWV Client

The ability to combine an AWV with an existing appointment is the key to the success of ChartSpan’s service. Most of our patients are pleased to have the iPad while they wait, and some even get a kick out of it.

Carol Hubbard | Practice Manager at Saini Medical Associates - AWV & CCM Client

Patients are now using Urgent Care as a form of on-demand primary care. As this behavior continues to grow, we see a substantial opportunity in conducting Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare patients who visit our clinics.

Shane Lacaillade | Chief Administrative Officer at AppleCare Urgent Care aka CRH Healthcare, LLC - AWV Client

Frequently Asked Questions

The AWV includes a Health Risk Assessment that gathers information about the patient's medical and family history, current health risks, and vitals. The provider uses the information in the HRA to provide the patient with a personalized care plan that can reduce further risks.

Patients who have had Medicare Part B for over 12 months and have not had a Welcome to Medicare Visit (IPPE) or AWV during that timeframe are eligible for an AWV. An AWV does not require a physical exam. Instead, the patient completes the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), and the rest of the service is carried out by a healthcare professional.

AWVs can be conducted at primary care facilities, specialty practices, and even urgent care clinics. A variety of providers can offer the service, including physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. AWVs are provided to patients free of charge, without requiring a copayment, and providers receive reimbursement for the service.

With RapidAWV™ software, your staff can in real-time see which patients are eligible for an AWV. You can have them complete their HRA on a tablet in the waiting room before they see their provider. The AWV then becomes part of an already-scheduled visit, increasing AWV completion rates.

Our RapidAWV™ software is HIPAA-compliant and follows all CMS regulations. It is also HITRUST-certified, the highest level of security certification in the healthcare space.

ChartSpan provides onsite or remote training. We hold multiple training sessions to accommodate staff with different roles, and staff members follow along with the trainer on the  RapidAWV™ tablet and web application. Once they are fully onboarded, RapidAWV™ customers will have a dedicated Client Success Director to help guide their program.

Streamline your approach to preventative care!

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