Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about what ChartSpan is and what we do


ChartSpan is the largest full-service Chronic Care Management (CCM) organization in the U.S. In addition to CCM, we offer value-based care solutions like Annual Wellness Visit software, Remote Patient Monitoring enrollment, and Quality Improvement services.

ChartSpan’s mission is to improve patients' quality of life through personalized preventive care programs, one patient at a time. Through collaboration and innovation, we deliver healthcare solutions that promote self-management, facilitate resource access, and nurture strong patient-provider relationships.

More than 150 practices, hospitals, and health systems across the U.S. trust ChartSpan to provide Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visit software, and Remote Patient Monitoring enrollment for their patients.

We offer:

  • CMS-compliant enrollment services, 4x higher than CCM industry average
  • The only positive Net Patient Churn rate among CCM providers
  • In-house nurses and care coordinators to connect with patients monthly
  • A 24/7 nurse-led hotline
  • Patient satisfaction rating (NPS) of 74.2
  • MIPS and Quality Improvement services at no additional charge
  • Extensive quality auditing and record archiving for 10 years
  • No-cost data integrations
  • Dedicated Client Success managers to answer your questions and drive value

We are an extension of your practice. Since patients trust their providers more than anyone else, we want to associate ourselves with that trust and work hard to maintain it. We will coordinate with your practice to implement and maintain your personalized communication preferences.

ChartSpan pricing varies by organization because Medicare reimbursements change based on your state and your practice type (RHC, FQHC, traditional, etc.) For patients, the cost depends on their insurance. Patients may have a copay, and deductibles do apply. Contact the team at ChartSpan for custom pricing.

ChartSpan’s included RapidBill™ Technology allows your billing team to handle large volumes of CCM and AWV claims quickly and efficiently. Schedule time to learn about how this works.

ChartSpan adheres to all CMS regulations for CCM, AWV, and RPM enrollment. For peace of mind, we record all calls and keep them documented for ten years. We have a devoted quality assurance team that regularly audits calls to ensure your patients are receiving the best care possible. In addition, our software platforms are the only ones in the industry with HITRUST certification, the highest level of security in the healthcare space.

Yes, we’re legit! ChartSpan was founded in Greenville, SC in 2013, employs over 200 people, and currently works with more than 150 healthcare practices to offer programs created by Medicare, like Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits, and Remote Patient Monitoring Enrollment.

We understand there are a lot of Medicare scams. If you’re a patient who has recently heard from ChartSpan, you can call your provider’s office to confirm that they work with us.


Whether you are a primary care office or specialty provider, your ChartSpan care team will continuously support you in closing gaps in care. Closing these gaps drives MIPS, Star Rating, and ACO compliance and reimbursements. Practices will also generate a new, recurring revenue stream by billing CPT 99490 or G0511 for Chronic Care Management.

Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions have high risks of negative health outcomes. Through CCM, you can provide these patients with a 24/7 care team and detailed care plans. When combined with the care you already provide, CCM can reduce patients’ risk of ER visits and improve their quality of life.

Although healthcare providers are allowed to provide CCM on their own, it is much more operationally complex than you may expect. The technology and resources required to perform a robust and compliant service are extensive, yet necessary. Outsourcing will provide you with these resources in addition to an entire care team devoted to your program, 24 hours a day.

Our team identifies CCM-eligible patients from your practice’s EMR and calls those patients to get their consent to participate in the program. Once the patient is enrolled, we reach out each month to work on care coordination activities that improve the patient's health outcomes. We also give them access to our 24/7 nurse line. All work is documented in a comprehensive care plan, which is then shared with the provider through the EMR.

No, we’re a full-service program with a highly-trained team of clinicians and nurses who work with patients. But we also use our proprietary CCM software to deliver a streamlined, fully-managed CCM service for your practice.


The AWV includes a Health Risk Assessment that gathers information about the patient's medical and family history, current health risks, and vitals. The provider uses the information in the HRA to provide the patient with a personalized care plan that can reduce further risks.

Patients who have had Medicare Part B for over 12 months and have not had a Welcome to Medicare Visit (IPPE) or AWV during that timeframe are eligible for an AWV. An AWV does not require a physical exam. Instead, the patient completes the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), and the rest of the service is carried out by a healthcare professional.

AWVs can be conducted at primary care facilities, specialty practices, and even urgent care clinics. A variety of providers can offer the service, including physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. AWVs are provided to patients free of charge, without requiring a copayment, and providers receive reimbursement for the service.

With RapidAWV™ software, your staff can in real-time see which patients are eligible for an AWV. You can have them complete their HRA on a tablet in the waiting room before they see their provider. The AWV then becomes part of an already-scheduled visit, increasing AWV completion rates.

Our RapidAWV™ software is HIPAA-compliant and follows all CMS regulations. It is also HITRUST-certified, the highest level of security certification in the healthcare space.

ChartSpan provides onsite or remote training. We hold multiple training sessions to accommodate staff with different roles, and staff members follow along with the trainer on the  RapidAWV™ tablet and web application. Once they are fully onboarded, RapidAWV™ customers will have a dedicated Client Success Director to help guide their program.

RPM Enrollment

ChartSpan can partner with any practice or hospital offering a Remote Patient Monitoring program. We also partner with RPM vendors who are interested in outsourcing the patient enrollment function.

We can handle patient enrollment for all RPM devices and will customize our messaging to fit your program.

Prior to the RPM program’s launch, we ask the practice which patient diagnoses will be part of the initiative. Then, we identify those patients by looking for relevant ICD-10 codes in the practice EHR. For example, if the RPM program will only offer a blood pressure cuff, then we will look for patients who have chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

Through our experience enrolling Medicare patients in Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs, we’ve learned that education is crucial to patient engagement and program success. We provide a multi-channel marketing campaign with voicemail and mailed content to educate every eligible patient about what RPM is and the benefits it offers.

ChartSpan pulls and reconciles patient data to identify eligible patients, but final approval for eligibility relies on the provider. Once an RPM patient is successfully enrolled in the program, ChartSpan’s responsibilities for that patient end. At that point, it is the practice’s duty to perform the remainder of the RPM program.