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Don't Have the Staff to Focus on CCM? We Do.

See how you can launch a lucrative and attentive care management program without human capital or startup costs.

Solutions To Improve Patient Outcomes & Practice Profitability

Value-based care is hard. These care programs are only successful when providers are relieved from the administrative burdens of onerous compliance and can focus on meaningful patient care. Empowered providers use the power of ChartSpan to leverage value-based care solutions that deliver valuable patient support, increased revenues, and better patient outcomes.

Chronic Care Management

Give your Medicare patients 24/7 access to premier care coordination that leads to improved patient outcomes, but do not interrupt the daily workflow of your practice.

RPM Enrollment as a Service

RPM EaaS ensures maximum participation in your RPM program by removing the burden of enrolling patients, so you can focus on providing meaningful healthcare services to patients.

Annual Wellness Visit Program

Imagine a powerful new AWV solution that helps you drive improved patient outcomes, reduce costs, and delight your patients.

MIPS Management

Year-round, dedicated Quality performance support to help you close care gaps and maximize Quality results.

Achieve Better Practice Profitability & Patient Health

Our comprehensive set of care services removes the burdens that value-based care puts on healthcare providers so that you can focus on what matters most: caring for your patients. Our solutions streamline your preventative care programs like Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) so that you don’t have to change your workflow. By choosing ChartSpan as your value-based care partner and guide, you will receive unique benefits such as:

  • No-cost EHR integrations
  • Fully compliant patient enrollment services consistently achieving a 52% enrollment rate
  • MIPS & Quality Improvement Program services at no additional charge for CCM clients
  • The highest Net Promoter Score rating (74.2) in the industry
  • The ONLY CCM provider delivering positive Net Patient Churn
  • Dedicated Client Success team accountable for driving value
  • Security beyond HIPAA - the only CCM vendor with HITRUST Certified platforms and integration
ChartSpan Chronic Care Management

The Mission

You understand that proactive patient engagement is the key to achieving better health outcomes. However, asking overburdened physicians and their staff to implement robust value-based care programs without the necessary resources is impractical. Leverage ChartSpan to relieve your burdens by taking on the administrative workload associated with value-based care.

What providers say about ChartSpan CCM services

Mrs. Johnson’s Story

Mrs. Johnson’s Story

Mrs. Johnson called the 24/7 nurse line because she was supposed to see her Urologist, but was told by her insurance company that they didn't cover her transportation and she had no way to get...
Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea stated during a call that she has been having trouble regulating her blood sugar. She also mentioned that she had lost her journal and could not remember what she had eaten recently. The ChartSpan...
Jim’s Story

Jim’s Story

Jim’s daughter was an approved contact for him and expressed concerns that he was not eating or drinking anything. She reported to the ChartSpan clinician her father’s lack of improvement in health after receiving treatment...
Pearl’s Story

Pearl’s Story

Pearl struggled with severe chronic pain. During a call with her ChartSpan care team, she made suicidal comments and reported to be depressed due to her ongoing suffering. After a lengthy conversation, the clinician was...
Helen’s Story

Helen’s Story

During their monthly call, Helen communicated to the ChartSpan clinician that she was very confused and unable to report her date of birth or where she lived. She complained of high blood pressure, dizziness, and...

Patient Stories: A collection of memorable stories between our clinicians and patients.

Empower your providers and delight your patients!

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Preventative Care News & Education

The Latest Developments On Closing The Care Gap

Chronic Care Management: Benefits, Requirements, & Reimbursements for Providers

Chronic Care Management: Benefits, Requirements, & Reimbursements for Providers

In the United States, around 60% of adults have one chronic condition, about 40% have two or more, and nearly half of the population over 75 years of age have three or more. Living with...
How to Increase Preventive Cancer Screening for Medicare Patients (and Why It Matters)

How to Increase Preventive Cancer Screening for Medicare Patients (and Why It Matters)

Preventive cancer screenings play a pivotal role in identifying common cancers, such as breast and colorectal cancer, in their earliest and most treatable stages. But around 40% of all eligible patients skip colorectal cancer screenings,...
How to Build A Model of Recurring Revenue for Your Hospital/Health System or Practice

How to Build A Model of Recurring Revenue for Your Hospital/Health System or Practice

Many healthcare practices and hospitals struggle to consistently generate enough revenue to cover their expenses. Across the U.S., 631 rural hospitals–more than 29%–are at immediate or high risk of closure because of financial hardship. The...
Chart-Markers: The CCM Patient Journey

Chart-Markers: The CCM Patient Journey

If you’re considering offering Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program to your patients, you probably have questions about the journey a CCM patient will go through. CCM can help increase practice revenue and close gaps in...
Patient-Centered Care Explained with 5 Examples

Patient-Centered Care Explained with 5 Examples

Patient-centered care strives to make the patient an active participant in their care journey, rather than a recipient of impersonal care handed down by an overworked healthcare system. Instead of treating conditions in isolation, patient-centered...

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About Us

ChartSpan is a value-based care solution provider that provides turn-key, managed care coordination and compliance programs including CCM, MIPS and Quality management, and Annual Wellness Visit software for providers, clinics, and health systems across the nation.

Patients with two or more chronic conditions are susceptible to additional health issues in the future if someone does not proactively attend to their specific needs. That's where chronic care management comes in. Through a fully managed, outsourced approach, providers are able to tend to their office visit patients while ChartSpan's clinical staff is able to focus solely on preventative care and follow-up with your patients regularly. Our team of professional clinicians engage with enrolled patients every month and keep them focused on their personalized care plans.

By outsourcing a CCM program to a Chronic Care management company like ChartSpan, health systems, practices, and providers have the opportunity to reap the many rewards that a well-run CCM program can offer. This program, created by Medicare (CMS), has been proven to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. As a result, there is a reduction in readmissions and an extension of patients' lifespans.

ChartSpan has been able to provide the roadmap and resources for high-performing value-based care programs to more than 100 successful health systems and practices around the U.S.