Chronic Care Management

Unlock the Potential of Your Healthcare Practice With ChartSpan’s Chronic Care Management Program.

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Chronic Care Management
Stronger Patient Connections
Stronger Patient Connections

Receive 20 minutes of care from ChartSpan for each patient every month.

Increased Recurring Revenue
Increased Recurring Revenue

Generate more than $100K annually with just 300 enrolled patients.

Improved Patient Outcomes
Improved Patient Outcomes

Identify care gaps and enhance quality scores.

Support for Your Staff
Support for Your Staff

We coordinate care between your patients’ other providers and assist with care plans.

Better patient care.
More practice revenue.

Our proactive, full-service Chronic Care Management (CCM) program integrates seamlessly with your practice. We handle patient enrollment, education, care plans, prescription refills, and more–freeing your staff to focus on in-person care.


Avg. Patient Net Promoter Score


Avg. Patient Enrollment Rates


Practices and Health Systems
Offer Your Patients More

Offer your patients more with ChartSpan.

Patients who participate in CCM programs save an average of $240 per year and see 20% fewer hospitalizations on average. With ChartSpan, patients also gain comprehensive support in managing their chronic conditions.

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Patients Receive
  • 24/7 access to our nurse care line
  • A dedicated clinician
  • Help with medication refills, appointment scheduling, and accessing test results
  • Comprehensive care plans for each patient
  • Support for transportation and mobility needs
  • Help achieving healthcare goals
  • Assistance with Social Determinants of Health
  • Support for caregivers and family members
Our Process

With ChartSpan, CCM is easy. We handle the details.


We provide thorough training for you and your entire staff.

Identify & Enroll

We identify eligible patients, you approve the eligibility list, and we enroll them in the program.


We reach out monthly to your enrolled patients to help them play an active role in their care management.


We support patients at your practice in achieving positive health outcomes.


We track quality, measure performance, and support compliance.


Our RapidBill™ technology allows you to review and bill with ease.

CCM with Less Workload

CCM With Less Workload for Your Staff

As a full-service CCM company, we manage the logistics.

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All You Have to Do is
  • Ensure ChartSpan has access to your EHR
  • Approve the eligible patient lists provided by ChartSpan
  • Manage clinical notifications
  • Get back to caring for the patients at your practice
Proven Results

Why partner with ChartSpan?

We are dedicated to elevating the quality and size of your patient care programs, demonstrated by our consistent enrollment rates and positive net-patient churn. On average, our managed programs grow by 3% each month. In addition, our CCM clients benefit from complimentary MIPS and Quality Improvement services and 10 years of record archiving.

Time Savings Calculator

See how much time you could save by partnering with ChartSpan as your CCM patient population grows.


You could enjoy up to


In Time Savings Per Year

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I believe we are delivering better quality care to patients. Our patient satisfaction is up, and our patients like that they can get in touch with someone anytime, day or night.

Kim Wright | Director of Revenue Cycle at Aylo Health - CCM Client

I felt that I had control of the enrollment process, to ensure that we were comfortable with how fast enrollment was moving. The process is truly unique. The fact that patients could hear my voice gained their trust and reassurance.

Meredith Gentes | Sr. Director of Population Health at Ryan Health - FQHC, CCM Client

Partnering with ChartSpan has been a game-changer for us. Their Chronic Care Management services have helped us streamline our operations, reduce administrative burdens, and improve patient outcomes.

Katrinka Whitney, MSN, RN | Nursing Director of Quality and Community Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a primary care office or specialty provider, your ChartSpan care team will continuously support you in closing gaps in care. Closing these gaps drives MIPS, Star Rating, and ACO compliance and reimbursements. Practices will also generate a new, recurring revenue stream by billing CPT 99490 or G0511 for Chronic Care Management.

Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions have high risks of negative health outcomes. Through CCM, you can provide these patients with a 24/7 care team and detailed care plans. When combined with the care you already provide, CCM can reduce patients’ risk of ER visits and improve their quality of life.

Although healthcare providers are allowed to provide CCM on their own, it is much more operationally complex than you may expect. The technology and resources required to perform a robust and compliant service are extensive, yet necessary. Outsourcing will provide you with these resources in addition to an entire care team devoted to your program, 24 hours a day.

Our team identifies CCM-eligible patients from your practice’s EMR and calls those patients to get their consent to participate in the program. Once the patient is enrolled, we reach out each month to work on care coordination activities that improve the patient's health outcomes. We also give them access to our 24/7 nurse line. All work is documented in a comprehensive care plan, which is then shared with the provider through the EMR.

No, we’re a full-service program with a highly-trained team of clinicians and nurses who work with patients. But we also use our proprietary CCM software to deliver a streamlined, fully-managed CCM service for your practice.

Extend your care coordination with ChartSpan!

By partnering with us, you'll deliver better care, increase patient satisfaction, and enjoy ongoing reimbursement.

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