How Georgia Nephrology Improves Outcomes For 700+ Patients

Georgia Nephrology is the largest nephrology practice in the state of Georgia. With the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes, the practice decided to implement a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program with ChartSpan in September 2018, as well as their Annual Wellness Visit solution. Click the button to download your copy of the case study.

Georgia Nephrology Case Study

"We function more like the primary service providers for our set of chronic kidney disease patients. With the push toward value-based care and avoiding hospitalization, we would be silly if we didn’t look at adapting CCM to work in our world."

- Lani Paxton, M.D., Ph.D.

ChartSpan Turnkey CCM

The challenge

Improve patient outcomes for kidney disease

There is a transition in nephrology where patients stop using primary care doctors and become more reliant on their nephrology providers. Their goal is centered on improving patient outcomes with value-based care and avoiding hospitalization.

The solution

Preventative care for their patients

By tailoring questions and clinical support specific to patients with kidney disease, Georgia Nephrology is able to reduce the progression of kidney disease and prolong the time spent in the 'early stage' (of the disease) for as long as possible.


The results

The Full Picture: CCM & AWV

“What ChartSpan has done with RapidAWV™ changes the dynamic,” adds Dr. Paxton. “ChartSpan has automated the verification process, which saves time for my front desk and billing staff. It also saves time for clinical people, because while the patient is completing the questionnaire on the tablet the clinician can work on other things. ChartSpan made it practical for our practice to add AWVs, which are associated with better care and savings.”