Jon-Michial Carter

Jon-Michial Carter

Jon-Michial Carter is the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of the largest managed Chronic Care Management (CCM) company in the United States, ChartSpan. He founded ChartSpan with his brother, a 20-year practicing clinician, in 2013. Over the years, the company has expanded to other value-based care offerings outside of Chronic Care Management, including Annual Welless Visit software, Remote Patient Monitoring enrollment services, and Quality services.

Jon-Michial began his career in broadcast journalism as a News Anchor and Reporter in Austin, Texas. He eventually moved behind the camera, as a broadcasting executive running television and media properties. He spent eight years with Heritage Broadcasting and five years with CBS Television, managing Operations and then Sales.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Jon-Michial launched and built multiple companies over two and half decades. He started and sold an I.T. service firm, a financial software company, and a restaurant management company.

Jon-Michial became President of Iconixx and led a management buy-out of the firm. He later sold the company in a six-company roll-up.

ChartSpan was chosen by the Mayo Clinic in 2013 for its Healthcare Accelerator Program as one of the top 10 healthcare start-ups in America. Following the program, the city of Greenville and the State of South Carolina offered ChartSpan an incentive package to permanently locate in Greenville, South Carolina. Today ChartSpan has become the largest provider of managed Chronic Care Management services in the U.S.

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