Patient Call Scheduling for Chronic Care Management

Patients Asked, So We Built It

ChartSpan is excited to announce the newest enhancement to our Chronic Care Management (CCM) services: call scheduling for CCM patients. This new feature allows enrolled CCM patients to choose the date and time of their monthly call, improving their experience in the program and achieving the highest level of patient engagement in the industry.

CCM program data shows a 175% increase in connected patient calls when patients scheduled their monthly CCM call.

Aligning CCM program clinical staffing with patients’ call preferences was a significant process and technological challenge, but ChartSpan perfected it!

ChartSpan’s new Patient Scheduling functionality includes:

  • Confidence that a CCM clinician will promptly staff your patient’s scheduled call. 
  • Your patients’ language preferences for English or Spanish will always be met.
  • The time zone differences between a clinician and a patient will never be an issue.
  • If your patient needs to reschedule at any time before their scheduled call, they can do so at no charge.

ChartSpan is proud to be the first vendor in the industry to offer scheduled CCM patient calls for every patient, in every U.S. time zone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You want a CCM program that is convenient for your patients. Your patients only want to receive phone calls from people they know and trust, when they are expecting it. Have a question? Schedule a call today.

Have a question?

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