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How ChartSpan is Supporting Patients During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The spread of COVID-19 has caused massive concern across the United States. As toilet paper and other necessities are stripped from the aisles in panic over the virus, the level of worry is skyrocketing, especially for senior citizens who are the most vulnerable. Not everyone has someone to turn to during this time of uncertainty and anxiety. Many senior citizens are alone. Thankfully, tens of thousands of senior citizens are enrolled in Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs, administered by ChartSpan, that provide them with an extra level of assistance during this stressful time.

As coronavirus concerns grow, more and more patients have questions about symptoms. Call volumes at practices are spiking and healthcare providers are over-capacity. Rural practices particularly do not have the capacity for an overflow of these concerns, as they are typically constricted, even during normal times. Having a partner-led CCM program, like ChartSpan, helps take the burden off these overwhelmed practices. Standard practices, FQHCs, and RHCs around the country are leveraging their CCM programs to help Medicare patients potentially impacted by COVID-19.

Already overwhelmed with patient coronavirus inquiries and concerns, these practices are using ChartSpan’s remote telephonic services to screen elderly patients who are the most susceptible to the virus. ChartSpan’s 24/7 nurse line is available for enrolled patients whenever they need it most. Clinicians and nurses are able to answer any questions and recommend whether or not a patient should visit their provider.

ChartSpan has added specific COVID-19 screening protocols to its processes. During a phone call with a patient, the clinician is prompted to ask the following screening questions:

  • Have you had a temperature higher than 100 degrees in the last 3 days?
  • Have you been experiencing a cough?If yes - How long have you been experiencing the cough? Is this a new symptom?
  • Have you experienced any shortness of breath recently?If yes - Is this a new symptom?
  • Have you traveled outside of the United States in the past 30 days or returned from outside of the United States?If yes - Where did you travel and when did you return?
  • Have you had any contact with anyone who has had Coronavirus within 14 days, or who has traveled outside of the country recently?
    If yes - Obtain information about who the patient had contact with and when.

Any and all information collected is sent back to the patient’s provider. If any new appointments are required, ChartSpan will assist in scheduling the visit as well as arranging transportation if necessary.

ChartSpan also provides patients assistance with medication refills, and offers prescription delivery through PillPack. These services are useful to the elderly during this time as many are fearful to leave the house. If any quarantine situations arise, it will be crucial for patients to be able to receive their medications through these means.

ChartSpan and other Chronic Care Management programs are quietly helping the battle against COVID-19. As the situation continues to rapidly evolve, ChartSpan will proudly continue to assist patients in need.

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