Better Patient Care, More Practice Revenue

ChartSpan’s Chronic Care Management program helps you unlock the potential of your healthcare practice.

  • 74.2 Avg Patient Net Promoter Score

  • No-cost EHR data integrations

  • 140+ practices and health systems


A CCM solution that extends your care coordination

Our proactive, full-service Chronic Care Management (CCM) program integrates seamlessly with your practice. We handle patient enrollment, education, care plans, prescription refills, and more–freeing your staff to focus on in-person care. We record every patient interaction and send you regular reports on the quality of care provided, so you can rest assured that your patients get the attention they need to manage their chronic conditions successfully.

Provider Benefits

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Stronger Patient Connections

Receive 20 minutes of care from ChartSpan for each patient every month.

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Increased Recurring Revenue

Generate more than $100k annually with just 300 enrolled patients.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Identify care gaps and enhance quality scores.

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Support For Your Staff

We coordinate care between your patients’ other providers and assist with care plans.

Effortless Chronic Care Management with ChartSpan

We handle the details. 

1. Onboarding
2. Identifying
3. Enrolling
4. Educating
5. Intervening
6. Measuring
7. Faster Billing

Your Team

Eligible Patients



For Patients

Quality Performance

RapidBill™ technology

1. Onboarding Your Team

2. Identifying Eligible Patients

3. Enrolling Patients

4. Educating Patients

5. Intervening For Patients

6. Measuring Quality Performance

7. Faster Billing RapidBill™ technology

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All you have to do is:


1. Provide access to your EHR


2. Approve the eligible patient list provided by ChartSpan


3. Manage clinical notifications


4. And get back to caring for the patients at your practice.

Receive 55% CCM enrollment on average with ChartSpan

Most practices that attempt an in-house CCM program only enroll 10% of their eligible Medicare patients. Let us help you maximize your program participation with our team of trained enrollment specialists.

Our Enrollment Process


1. Construct lists of eligible Medicare beneficiaries


2. Reconcile missing CPT codes and establish coinsurance estimates


3. Obtain patient consent


4. Manage patient churn daily

Chronic Care Management Patient Benefits

Who is eligible for our Chronic Care Management program?

Chronic Care Management can be billed by a variety of practice types. ChartSpan currently provides CCM services to several types of healthcare clientele, including primary care, specialty practices, Federal Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and Rural Health Clinics (RHCs).

Primary Care

  • Internal, Adult, Family, Geriatric, Pain, and Preventative Medicine

Specialty Practices

  • Rheumatology, Nephrology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Cardiology


  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Rural Health Clinics (RHC)

Why partner with ChartSpan for Chronic Care Management?

We aim to improve the quality of care for your patients.



Average patient enrollment rates of 55% for eligible Medicare beneficiaries


Quality assurance and 10 years of record archiving


Positive net-patient churn averaging +3% monthly


Complimentary MIPS and Quality Improvement services for CCM clients

What providers say about ChartSpan CCM services

Frequently asked questions about our CCM

Although healthcare providers are allowed to provide CCM on their own, it is much more operationally complex than many expect. The technology and resources required to perform a robust and compliant service are extensive, yet necessary. Outsourcing provides you with these resources and an entire care team devoted to your program at all hours of the day. Even if you outsource CCM, Medicare patients remain attributed to your practice.

We partner with each practice to deliver CCM to eligible patients. Our team continuously identifies eligible patients from the practice EMR and then calls those patients to get their consent to participate in the program. Once the patient is enrolled, we reach out each month to work on care coordination activities that improve the patient's health outcomes. All work is documented in a comprehensive care plan which is then shared with the provider through the EMR.

We are an extension of your practice. Since patients trust their providers more than anyone else, we want to associate ourselves with that trust and work hard to maintain it. We will work with your practice to learn and implement your practice preferences–down to how to pronounce each provider's name so that we get it right when speaking to patients.

No, we’re a full-service program with a highly-trained team of clinicians and nurses who work with patients. But we also use our own proprietary CCM software to deliver a streamlined, fully-managed CCM service for your practice.

ChartSpan’s included RapidBill™ Technology allows your billing team to handle large volumes of CCM claims quickly and efficiently.

ChartSpan adheres to all CMS regulations for your CCM program. For peace of mind, we record all calls and keep them documented for ten years. We have a devoted quality assurance team that regularly audits calls to ensure your patients are receiving the best care possible. In addition, our platforms are the only ones in the industry with HITRUST certification, the highest level of security in the healthcare space.

ChartSpan pricing varies by organization since reimbursement changes based on the type of practice region. The cost of each patient's membership depends on the patient’s insurance. Contact the team at ChartSpan for custom pricing.

Improve patient outcomes with ChartSpan's CCM solution

We're dedicated to enhancing your patient outcomes while saving you time and money. ChartSpan’s approach to Chronic Care Management services goes above and beyond to ensure your program’s success. By partnering with us, you'll deliver better care, increase patient satisfaction, and enjoy ongoing reimbursement.

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