Tap into a new recurring revenue stream with ChartSpan Chronic Care Management

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Give your patients 24/7 access to care management with ChartSpan and the nation’s largest and most successful Chronic Care Management (CCM) program. Plus, ChartSpan’s highly trained care management team will reach out each month telephonically to your enrolled patients – those with multiple chronic conditions who are most in need of your attention and support.

ChartSpan’s turnkey solution handles every step of the program, from identifying eligible patients and the initial outreach for enrollment to providing around-the-clock access to nurses to assist with capturing your success for MIPS. We deliver a turnkey solution that integrates with your workflow, reduces staff workload and delights your patients.

And then we prove it – with reports that let you know exactly how the program is progressing so you can enjoy the success, without the heavy lifting that CCM programs usually involve.

Let your staff focus on patients, and ChartSpan will focus on the rest.

  • Assistance with medication refills

  • Support in achieving care goals you establish

  • Assistance with transportation and mobility needs

  • Assistance in finding home care

  • Help in making doctor or specialist appointments

  • Support for caregivers and family members caring for a loved one

  • Assistance in accessing labs, x-rays and tests

Identify and engage eligible Medicare patients

Medicare beneficiaries must have two chronic conditions to be eligible to participate in Chronic Care Management. Since three out of four people older than 65 have two or more chronic conditions, a large number of your patients should be eligible to participate.

Additionally, the Chronic Care Management program requires that each enrolled patient have:

  • An office visit within the previous 365 days

  • 20 minutes per month of non-face-to-face care

  • 24/7 access to care management

  • Only one provider billing for CCM services (CPT code 99490)

How We Help Providers



New stream of monthly-recurring revenue



Patients remain attributed to your practice



MIPS consultants drive compliance and performance



CCM participation is proven to improve patient outcomes

How We Help Patients



Coordinated care between you and patient's other providers



Access to our triage nurse line for 24/7 support



Patients save $240 per year and see 20% less hospitalization on average



Care team reviews adherence to care plan and goals with patients

If You Are an FQHC or RHC

Recognizing that patients who benefit the most from Chronic Care Management are served by providers who qualify for Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or Rural Health Clinic (RHC) status, Medicare has made significant changes to CCM reimbursements in the past two years that can bring big advantages to your practice – and your patients. 

CMS increased Chronic Care Management reimbursements from an average of $42 to more than $67 per encounter with a minimum of 20 minutes of care. The billable code for this is G0511.

The Workflow Process – End-to-End Support from ChartSpan:


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to provide better care, increase patient satisfaction and receive ongoing reimbursement.

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