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ChartSpan Announces New Strategic Advisory Board Chairman, Troy Yoder

(Greenville, South Carolina) - August 29, 2019 - ChartSpan, the largest Chronic Care Management provider in the United States, has announced the appointment of Troy Yoder to its Strategic Advisory Board.

Troy currently leads Cisco Healthcare in the Americas where he advises Fortune 500 customers on applied healthcare technology. Prior to joining Cisco, he held leadership roles in management consulting firms specializing in healthcare technology. Troy is an industry strategist, subject matter expert, and sales operations executive. He specializes in accelerating digital transformation and guiding enterprise organizations like ChartSpan in creating and implementing technology roadmaps.

Troy has more than twenty years of experience in applied technology. His experience across all stages of the continuum of care for large healthcare systems is a significant asset for ChartSpan’s growth.

Jon-Michial Carter, CEO of ChartSpan, commented, “Troy has extensive knowledge of innovative healthcare technology. His voice will help guide us as we develop and implement impactful new technologies for our patients. We are fortunate to have him as a resource and part of the team.”

“Chronic Care Management solves one of the largest gaps in the healthcare industry. Taking a proactive, intentional approach to care team collaboration is the only real solution to the challenge,” commented Troy Yoder. “The care that ChartSpan provides to their patients is truly the stabilizing bridge between physician appointments. More touchpoints translate to better long-term outcomes for anyone battling multiple conditions. Technology is a foundational requirement to more frequent interactions, raising patient engagement, and driving ownership of their own care plan at scale. It’s an honor to be part of ChartSpan’s advisory team and to partner with an organization dedicated to solving the chronic care challenges we are all facing today.”

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