ChartSpan Announces Partnership with MPACT Consultants

(Greenville, South Carolina) – January 28, 2021 – ChartSpan, the largest provider of fully-managed Chronic Care Management (CCM) services in the U.S, has announced a new partnership with MPACT Consultants, a consulting firm focused on navigating payor contracts and assisting practices in the startup process. 

ChartSpan and MPACT Consultants share a common goal in assisting providers and practices so that they can focus on what matters most – providing care to patients. ChartSpan and MPACT Consultants use their expertise in their perspective fields to take labor-intensive tasks and processes out of the hands of the practice. 

“I have a passion to help providers and practices with administrative tasks to not only better their process and increase revenue but to also give them back the time they need to focus on their patients. After seeing a presentation from ChartSpan  showing the services they offer, I see the same passion in what they do every day!  ChartSpan offers services my company does not and partnering with them will bring an amazing opportunity to my clients and help give a full 360 service. ChartSpan’s focus to make the experience not only great for the providers but also for the patients, matches my mission.” – Heather Brame, Owner

“Heather’s dedication to both providers and patients was evident from the first time we spoke. A fellow process wonk, we quickly realized we had numerous synergies in terms of how we go about identifying problems and finding unique solutions. We are extremely pleased to be able to announce this exciting partnership.” – Shane Grivich, Chief Strategy Officer

About MPACT Consultants

MPACT Consultants contracts at the local, regional national level to provide Provider Enrollment, Payor Contracting and Contract Renegotiation services to providers and practices across the United States. They work with all provider types including provider practices, Hospitals, DME and Ambulatory Surgical centers.

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