ChartSpan Announces Partnership with CURIS Consulting

(Greenville, South Carolina) – January 20, 2021 – ChartSpan, the leading Chronic Care Management (CCM) vendor, announced a new partnership with CURIS Consulting, a consulting group focused on a variety of population health strategies, including care management program development. 

Through this partnership, ChartSpan and CURIS consultants are able to extend the reach of their services and share industry knowledge to a larger network of healthcare providers. CURIS consultants connect with Health Centers, PCAs, and HCCNs to develop strategies that help drive the shift towards value-based care. In turn, ChartSpan offers specific programs and services that help providers provide value-based care to their most vulnerable populations. 

“The CURIS Consulting team is very excited about collaborating with the ChartSpan team. At CURIS we are driven by a clear mission and strong commitment to patient-centered care delivery across the continuum, and we believe that ChartSpan’s services provide a critical link to promote well-coordinated, high-quality care. We see ChartSpan as a company that aligns with and supports our mission to create a culture of healthcare excellence by “changing-creating-connecting-coordinating”. – Jen Calohan, Owner of CURIS Consulting

“CURIS Consulting has a stellar reputation within the healthcare industry with a suburb level of industry expertise. After several discussions and meetings, it was evident that CURIS and ChartSpan share a strong commitment to improving outcomes for patients while providing innovative solutions for providers all across the U.S. We are extremely pleased to be announcing this key partnership.” – Shane Grivich, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

About CURIS Consulting

CURIS Consulting is a team of consultants focused on community health center performance. CURIS consultants bring decades of experience in the Health Center, PCA/HCCN, and healthcare industry. They provide consulting, training and program development for Health Center audiences focused on performance through population health management strategy development.

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