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Practices Can Lean On CCM During the COVID-19 Delta Variant

Jon-Michial Carter
Written by Jon-Michial Carter

Despite everyone’s best effort in mask usage and vaccinations, the COVID-19 Delta variant has caused cases to spike again, and many practices are holding steady for what could come next. Will we see another shutdown? No one can say for certain, but through this entire pandemic, we have seen just how important a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program can be for practices and their patients alike. Here are four ways a practice can lean on a managed CCM program during the continuing pandemic.

  1. Your patients still need preventative care, especially when they are not physically visiting your practice. Avoid the headache of doing CCM on your own, and let an outsourced CCM partner do the work for you while you remain focused on the patients that visit you in-office.
  2. With a CCM program, practices are able to create an additional revenue stream and patients save money on overall healthcare costs. Based on the CCM national average, 1,000 enrolled patients could generate $160k in fee-for-service each year in net revenue for the practice! Patients also save on average $74/mo in Medicare savings.
  3. Trust that your patient data is protected by the highest levels of security, compliance, and accountability through HITRUST CSF® Certification.
  4. A devoted patient enrollment team will maximize participation in your CCM program. An outsourced program will utilize a rich technology stack to make this happen, including personalized voicemail communication to boost enrollment by an average of 26%. Personalize and remain in control of your program with your voice recorded to enroll patients into the CCM program. This 26% increase could generate an additional $43k in net profit, each year per 1,000 patients.

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