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How do we know Chronic Care Management improves outcomes and reduces costs?

One Thing, In Two Minutes

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a retrospective claims analysis of two years worth of data that included every patient in the United States enrolled in a Chronic Care Management program. The data is compelling.

Improved Outcomes

  • Hospitalizations reduced by nearly 5%
  • Emergency Department visits reduced by 2.3%
  • Preventative care E&M Encounters increase by 8%

Reduction of Costs

  • Taxpayers save: $74 (gross) and $30 (net), per patient, per month when patients are enrolled for at least a year.
  • Revenue for providers: Fee-For-Service + Shared Savings earn $348 per year, per beneficiary.
  • 1,000 enrolled patients generate $348k in revenue for a provider!


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