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ChartSpan Announces Partnership Agreement with Healthmonix

(Greenville, South Carolina) - November 20, 2019 - ChartSpan, the market-leading vendor in chronic care management (CCM) services, has announced a national distribution partnership with Healthmonix, the country’s largest provider of quality and MIPS reporting and healthcare data analytics.

ChartSpan offers a turn-key service for CCM, Annual Wellness Visits, and MIPS/quality management. Their bundled offering allows patients and providers to see higher levels of engagement with their patients, better adherence to prescribed care paths, and better outcomes due to the preventative work involved. As a result, practices utilizing ChartSpan’s services receive improved MIPS or quality scores and a monthly, per patient revenue stream through CMS reimbursements. ChartSpan is the first CCM provider in the nation to provide its customers with patient-level outcome and cost performance data for enrolled patients. This offering will allow healthcare providers to review the cost savings of ChartSpan’s programs in detail, patient by patient, instead of as a whole.

“Healthmonix’s MIPS and compliance platform aligns perfectly with ChartSpan’s complimentary MIPS and quality services,” said ChartSpan CEO, Jon-Michial Carter. “We are thrilled to have a partner who shares the common goal of improving value-based care with the use of more transparent healthcare data and analytics.”

“We are excited to partner with ChartSpan to advance the ability of providers to combine the comprehensive set of value-based analytics, including MIPS reporting, with the impact of a full chronic care management solution,” commented Healthmonix President and CEO, Lauren Patrick. “We evaluated many chronic care management solutions to integrate with our tools and found ChartSpan to be the best in breed. We found their proactive outreach and availability to patients provides true impact on patient outcomes. Integrating the workflows of Chartspan with the Healthmonix analytics tools will provide unparalleled financial and clinical results to providers.”

About ChartSpan

ChartSpan is the largest, managed service provider of chronic care management programs in the United States. The company provides turn-key, managed care coordination and compliance programs for doctors, clinics, and health systems. ChartSpan manages patient care coordination and value-based programs for more than 100 of the most successful practices and health systems in the United States.

About Healthmonix

Healthmonix strives to improve the quality of today’s healthcare through effective technology. The company provides multiple reporting and analytics dashboards in an all-inclusive, value-based payments solution for health systems, medical groups and payors. Their tools compile healthcare data into a robust dashboard that will turn data into meaningful insights.

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