What We Do

At ChartSpan, we are passionate about improving the health of patients – and physicians’ bottom lines.

ChartSpan is the largest chronic care management (CCM) managed service provider in the U.S. We provide turnkey, fully managed care coordination programs for physician practices, and then leverage that care coordination program to deliver high quality care.

Our Annual Wellness Visit solution further empowers physicians to increase Medicare patient participation each year while positively impacting quality scores.

Our Mission

At ChartSpan, our mission is to improve patient health outcomes that ultimately reduce annual patient healthcare spending by 2022 by $100,000,000. To achieve this mission, we remain focused on key goals, which include:

  • We aspire to deliver innovative and life-changing healthcare technology and services to consumers and patients.

  • We strive to deliver amazing solutions that help providers engage more proactively in the care of their patients to optimize patient and practice outcomes.

Our solutions are based on the belief that proactive patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes. However, asking overburdened physicians and their staffs to implement a care management and coordination program is impractical. That’s why ChartSpan solutions relieve the workload while delivering valuable support, increased revenues and better patient outcomes.

Helping Patients

  • Greater access to clinical experts 24x7

  • Fewer out-of-pocket care expenses

  • Easier coordination across care providers

  • Peace of mind that experts are there to help

  • Caring team there to help you achieve care goals

Helping Physicians

  • New monthly recurring revenue

  • Quality consultant drives optimal performance

  • CCM preventative care management expertise

  • AWV patient participation improvement

  • Improved patient loyalty, engagement and outcomes

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Why has this become such a challenge for our population and our health systems?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Rapidly growing population of baby boomers

  • Increasing life expectancy associated with advances in public health and medicine

  • High prevalence of risk factors, such as tobacco use and physical inactivity

Not only do chronic conditions increase the risk of premature death, they can also decrease quality of life and day-to-day functioning. Plus, it’s expensive – among Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries, people with multiple chronic conditions account for 93% of total Medicare spending. People with multiple chronic conditions face substantial out-of-pocket costs for their care, including prescription drugs.

At ChartSpan, our software and services help providers engage more proactively and thoroughly with their patients while also increasing revenue opportunities. Our services help patients get access to around-the-clock care and live healthier lives.


Are you ready to run a successful program?

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