Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Is There a Perfect Workflow for Medicare Annual Wellness Visits?

Only 19% of eligible Medicare patients are receiving their Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) each year and little has been done to investigate why. Unlike some Value-Based Care programs, Medicare’s compliance requirements for AWVs are not onerous. The real challenge to AWV utilization is integrating a preventative care workflow process into the daily workflow of practices…

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Medicare Chronic Care Management

How to Maximize Patient Enrollment in your Medicare Chronic Care Management Program

If you have ever considered starting a Chronic Mare Management (CCM) program, you likely know about Medicare’s compliance requirements in providing non-complex CCM services, including: Twenty minutes of meaningful clinical staff time spent on every CCM patient, each calendar month All activity recorded in a comprehensive care plan and shared within the Electronic Health Record…

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Annual Wellness Visit Software ChartSpan

Why Medicare Wants Providers Performing AWVs

The healthcare industry as a whole has been striving to improve value-based care, and in doing so has created new preventative programs in recent years. In 2011, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services set out to improve preventive care specifically for Medicare beneficiaries by implementing the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) program. Although the…

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Medicare Annual Wellness Visit vs Annual Physical

Co-authored by Ashley Trice, AWV Product Specialist Understanding the Difference Jam is to jelly, crocodile is to alligator, pill is to tablet, annual physical is to annual wellness visit… right? All of these things are commonly used interchangeably, yet they have fundamental differences that make them absolutely NOT the same. The only way to ensure…

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Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit Program Is on Life Support

By Jon-Michial Carter, CEO-ChartSpan Have you ever dreamt of hosting a party only to have no one show up? Well, maybe not no one, but hardly anyone? That’s how policymakers at Medicare feel. Only, it’s not a dream. In 2011, CMS (the policymakers at Medicare) used years of compelling patient research to validate the value…

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