Most Practices Aren’t Equipped to Run a Profitable DIY CCM Program. Are You?

If you’re like most practices running a CCM program today, you’re struggling to keep up with the operational complexities and resource requirements it takes to run a profitable program and make sure your patients get access to high-quality care. 

That’s where ChartSpan comes in.

We’ve helped hundreds of physicians and tens of thousands of patients benefit from the value a robust CCM program can bring. 

How do we do it? Not only does ChartSpan have an entire team of dedicated clinical experts, enrollment specialists and CMS compliance gurus, but we also have advanced data analytic technologies, a multi-million dollar call center and quality measurement programs that give you the insight you need to be sure your patients are getting the care they need -- and your practice is getting the reimbursements it deserves.

If you’re like the majority of practices who are trying to manage their CCM programs on their own, STOP and trust  the experts at ChartSpan and their CCM managed services. 

“We tried to do it ourselves, but we were only able to reach 14 patients in the first year. Now, with ChartSpan, we’ve expanded to more than 120 patients, and more eligible patients are enrolling every day. Our practice is able to use the additional revenue to invest in new care programs that our patients need.” -- Practice Manager

Download our white paper to learn how you can avoid these common mistakes. Make your CCM program successful for both you and your patients with ChartSpan.

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