A Flexible Annual Wellness Visit Software to Meet Your Needs

RapidAWV™ is an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) software that makes conducting AWVs for your Medicare patients easy. This solution is designed to enable providers to better connect with their senior patients and proactively collect data to identify gaps in care.

Our Annual Wellness Visit software allows patients and providers to work together remotely or in the waiting room to create preventive health care plans without interrupting practice workflows. RapidAWV™ features user-friendly Health Risk Assessments with customizable questions to achieve the best possible care.

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How It Works

Our Annual Wellness Visit software delivers an end-to-end solution to ensure that your patients and providers get the most out of their AWVs.


RapidAWV™ first identifies your eligible Medicare beneficiaries as they come in for their regularly scheduled appointment. All Medicare patients are eligible for an initial AWV within the first year of their Part B coverage. Since no coinsurance is required for an Annual Wellness Visit, it is easy to have your patients participate.

It can be challenging for providers to determine whether patients have already received an AWV. In addition, there are always new, eligible patients aging into Medicare. RapidAWV™ solves this problem by checking the HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System (HETS) for Medicare eligibility in real-time so you can perform AWVs on every eligible patient.

Health Risk Assessment

Next, a comprehensive health risk assessment (HRA) is completed with our software in 10-12 minutes. The HRA includes questions that assess a variety of health topics such as fall prevention, cognitive impairment, and advance care planning. Reports are generated for both the patient and provider to identify and evaluate the patient's risk factors and build a personalized, proactive plan for better health. Vitals and other routine measurements, including blood pressure, weight, and height, are entered before or after the HRA has been completed.

Our AWV tool uses special reporting logic to place the most critical information first, so you won't have to spend time sifting through data. With our customizable HRA, you can ensure that you can accommodate every workflow easily and comprehensively.

Unique Technology

ChartSpan's next generation RapidAWV™ solution has been reengineered to offer more flexibility and more benefit to patients and practices than ever before. This system delivers accurate eligibility checks and an efficient annual wellness visit questionnaire for practices. Our Annual Wellness Visit software demonstrates several one-of-a-kind features:

  • Real-Time Eligibility Verification

    Never miss an eligible patient again with instant checks against CMS' HETS system

  • Telehealth Friendly

    Accessible through telehealth platforms so you can serve your patients remotely if needed

  • Flexible Operating System Capabilities

    Android and iOS compatible

  • Senior-Friendly Interface

    Simple design and large font for legibility

  • Translation Options

    Over 50 languages available through translation technology

  • Customizable HRA

    Fine-tune your Health Risk Assessment questions unique to your practice (or required by your ACO).

AWV Reports

After an AWV is completed, both the provider and the patient will receive a customized report revealing information and insights derived from the evaluation. These reports are intuitively designed to be as user-friendly as possible, presenting well-organized data that is summarized and prioritized.


Provider Report

Based on the patient's answer to the HRA questions, the provider report will identify risk factors, suggest tertiary services, and create a personalized prevention plan for the patient. Although the full report is thorough, the intuitive design makes it simple to review with color-coded icons notifying you of the most important findings.

Provider reports feature information about factors like fall prevention, tobacco use, nutrition, vaccinations, medication adherence, and more. RapidAWV™ then creates a comprehensive five to ten-year patient plan featuring screening recommendations based on these areas.

Patient Report
The patient report is a shorter summary of the personalized prevention plan that the patient can take with them to checkups with their other healthcare providers. This plan and the conversation you have with the patient are meant to provide health education and preventative care.

What our clients say about it

"I watch the financial predictor every day to see how we are doing on maximizing our reimbursements. The expected vs actual reporting on the dashboard gives me the opportunity to at a glance, gauge the performance of our office in regards to the AWV program. It allows me to look at data that I wouldn't normally have without taking the time to dig it out of my EHR."

- Saini Medical Associates

RapidAWV™ Pricing

ChartSpan offers straightforward pricing for our annual wellness visit software solution so that you can ensure you are getting every feature you need. In addition, we offer a 5% discount if your contract is paid annually versus monthly. 

36 Month Contract

$349 /NPI/Month*

  • AWV Module
  • Quality/MIPS Dashboard
  • Real-time Eligibility Verification**
  • Scheduling System Integration
  • Multi-Language Module
  • Onsite or Remote Training
  • Live Technical Support

*Applicable sales tax will apply.
**ChartSpan pays all fees. Does not require a structured data feed.

AWV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Who can perform an Annual Wellness Visit?

Who can perform an Annual Wellness Visit?

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) designed the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit program, they kept in mind potential challenges that practices could face. On one hand, they knew that asking practices to consider a new program may be overwhelming....