Turn your waiting room into a revenue room with ChartSpan's RapidAWV™


RapidAWV™ from ChartSpan offers an innovative approach to ensuring your Medicare patients receive an annual wellness visit (AWV), helping to improve care and identify opportunities for revenue-producing, preventative care activities.

With RapidAWV, patients complete a comprehensive health risk assessment on a tablet while waiting in your lobby for their appointment. The solution from ChartSpan includes:

  • Tablet-based software

  • User-friendly interface

  • Generates Patient Care Plan and Provider Report

  • 10-12 minute questionnaire

Annual wellness visits (AWVs) are a staple of Medicare’s preventative patient programs. These annual visits are intended to create or update a personalized prevention plan for Medicare patients. In addition, AWVs have a substantial impact on MIPS and Quality scores.

RapidAWV™ Features

  • No Scheduling

    Proven to increase reimbursed AWV by 200-300% in the first year thanks to real-time eligibility data.

  • No Copay

    No copay is required for the AWV – it is covered 100% by Medicare.

  • Fully Compliant

    Ensures all required documentation is automated with minimal staff effort.

  • Labor Savings

    Allows you to repurpose staff for revenue-generating activities and patient contact and care.

  • Tertiary Services

    Generates significant reimbursement opportunities from follow-on services identified during the AWV.

  • Unmet Need

    On average 80% of Medicare patients did not receive an AWV encounter in the past 12 months.

  • Improved Outcomes

    Patients who receive an AWV experience 5.7% reduction in healthcare costs.*

  • Additional Revenue

    AWVs have proven to drive 22 follow-up screenings for additional practice revenue.

* The American Journal of Managed Care – ACO study of patients  who received an AWV.

RapidAWV™ Workflow


RapidAWV™ Provider Dashboard

Not only does RapidAWV provide new insights to improve outcomes for individual patients, it also offers robust analytics that can be used to identify trends and opportunities in support of population health initiatives.