ChartSpan solutions help you grow revenue while improving patient care.

The largest care coordination company in the U.S., ChartSpan, provides solutions that optimize revenue opportunities, improve patient outcomes, and maximize quality measures.

How ChartSpan increases your revenue stream



CCM Revenue

A single provider with 300 enrolled patients can generate $52,000 per year in net new revenue with the Chronic Care Management CPT Code #99490.



MIPS Compliance

Providers have the opportunity to increase Medicare fee-for-service reimbursements by 9% by complying with MIPS goals during the next 36 months.



Preventive Revenue

CMS historical claims data shows Medicare patients enrolled in a CCM program will generate 8% in increased preventative E&M encounters.



AWV Revenue

On average 80% of Medicare patients did not receive an Annual Wellness Visit in the past 12 months, failing to generate net new annual revenue.


Chronic Care Management

Patients with multiple chronic conditions place a large cost burden on the healthcare system – and on physician practices. ChartSpan’s chronic care management (CCM) solution helps physicians deliver better care coordination while relieving the burden of program management.

ChartSpan makes it easy for you – and your patients – to onboard with its CCM solution.

  • Integrates with your existing EHR system

  • Automated billing feed

  • Expert, highly trained clinical staff

  • 24/7 nurse triage line

ChartSpan’s team of seasoned clinical experts act as an extension of your team, ensuring every eligible patient is cared for under the CCM guidelines. Direct data feeds keep everything in your EHR system for easy access, billing and reporting. So you can tap into a new monthly recurring revenue stream without all of the hassle of CCM program management and deliver a better patient experience.

Annual Wellness Visits

Annual wellness visits are a staple of Medicare’s preventive patient programs. ChartSpan RapidAWV™ is an iPad-based solution that patients can use to complete their annual wellness visits (AWV) from the comfort of your waiting room. In only 10-12 minutes, patients can complete their entire annual wellness visit, allowing you to repurpose staff and free up valuable time in exam rooms.

RapidAWV address two of the most prevalent problems practices experience with annual wellness visits:

  • Only 19% of eligible patients are receiving an annual wellness visit from their provider

  • Most practices experience up to a 40% “no show” rate for pre-scheduled AWV appointments

Your practice can increase the number of annual wellness visits simply by taking your patients’ wait time as an opportunity to be productive. RapidAWV will turn your waiting room into a revenue room. Doctors can then review the personalized patient prevention plan generated by the software during their time with the patient.


MIPS Services

CMS’s new Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) gives high-performing physicians the opportunity to increase their Medicare fee-for-service reimbursement rates. ChartSpan helps practices improve MIPS quality scores by leveraging their CCM program to improve numerator scoring. ChartSpan’s MIPS services are available at no additional cost to practices that leverage the ChartSpan CCM program.

In addition to a dedicated MIPS consultant to assist with compliance and performance scoring, ChartSpan’s services include comprehensive reporting and analytics to track quality performance. Other services include:

  • Optimize your MIPS quality scores to maximize reimbursement on your Medicare population

  • Know exactly where your practice stands with MIPS scores before it’s too late with ChartSpan’s dashboard and reporting

  • Ensure the right patients are included in your MIPS reporting

  • Engage patients through ChartSpan trained CCM clinicians to drive positive behaviors that impact quality scores

Empower your providers and delight your patients!

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