Improve patient outcomes and practice profitability

ChartSpan's care management programs help optimize your healthcare organization’s revenue, improve patient health outcomes, and maximize quality measure performance.

Opportunities to Increase Practice Revenue


Chronic Care Management Revenue

Outsourced CCM for a single healthcare provider with 300 enrolled patients can earn more than $100k per year in net new revenue with CCM CPT Code #99490.


Annual Wellness Visit Revenue

81% of Medicare patients did not receive an Annual Wellness Visit during the past 12 months, failing to generate net new annual revenue and improve outcomes.


RPM Enrollment As a Service

Nearly 99% of eligible patients are not enrolled in RPM! RPM EaaS removes the burden of enrolling patients, ensuring maximum participation with your RPM program.


MIPS and Quality Improvement

Healthcare providers have the opportunity to increase Medicare fee-for-service reimbursements by 9% by complying with MIPS goals during the next 36 months.

Chronic Care Management Solutions

Patients with multiple chronic conditions place a large cost burden on the healthcare system – and on physician practices. Deliver better care coordination and quality of care while relieving the burden of program management. ChartSpan makes it easy for you – and your patients – to succeed with its CCM solution.

  • Integrates with your existing EHR system

  • High-performing enrollment services

  • Automated billing

  • Expert, highly-trained clinical staff

  • 24/7 nurse triage line

  • Easy patient access

How it Works

Healthcare organizations leverage this fully-managed CCM solution to provide an extra level of care to their at-risk patient population, without the burden of doing CCM on their own. This proven process makes CCM scalable, profitable, and easier than ever before.

We continuously identify eligible patients and reconcile patient data.

We integrate with your EHR and contact all eligible patients for enrollment.

We provide on-site onboard training for you and your entire staff.

We track quality, measure performance, and support compliance.

Through intervention, we improve clinical outcomes at the individual patient level.

We contact your patients and give them an active role in their health.

We use our RapidBill technology, allowing you to bill much faster.

First Class Care Management Team

ChartSpan’s care management team of seasoned clinical experts act as an extension of your providers, ensuring every eligible patient is cared for under compliant CCM guidelines. A multi-lingual remote workforce, available for your patients any time of day or night.

Each month your care management team at ChartSpan will follow up their monthly patient outreach with documentation in a comprehensive care plan, deposited directly into your EHR. This personalized plan will document all patient history, activities, and work done on behalf of the patient.

The Patient Health Summary includes care goals, created based on the care goals your providers establish. Direct data feeds keep everything in your EHR system for easy access, including both billing and reporting. Tap into a new monthly recurring revenue stream without all of the hassles of CCM program management and deliver a better patient experience.


Preventative Revenue

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) historical claims data shows Medicare patients enrolled in a CCM program will generate 8% in increased annual preventative E&M encounters.

Annual Wellness Visits

ChartSpan RapidAWV™ is the only easy-to-use Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) software solution to help you conduct an AWV without scheduling a separate visit, turning a "sick visit" into a "well visit."


This efficient AWV process can boost your capture rate to 4x above the national average!

  • Real-time eligibility verification

  • Customizable Health Risk Assessment

  • Senior-friendly tablet interface

  • iOS & Android app compatibility

  • Powerful back-end reporting

Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) are a staple of Medicare’s preventive patient programs. ChartSpan RapidAWV™ is a tablet-based solution that patients can use to complete their AWV from the comfort of your waiting room. In only 10-12 minutes, patients can complete their entire health risk assessment, allowing you to repurpose staff and free up valuable time in exam rooms.

Streamline your AWV workflow

RapidAWV™ addresses two of the most prevalent problems practices experience with their Annual Wellness Visits programs:


Only 19% of eligible patients are receiving an Annual Wellness Visit from their provider.


Most practices experience up to a 40% "no show" rate for pre-scheduled AWV appointments.

Your practice can increase the number of AWVs completed by utilizing your unproductive patient waiting room. RapidAWV™ will turn your waiting room into a revenue room. Patients fill out the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) which collects their healthcare information and identifies opportunities for closing gaps in care. The software then aggregates the data into a digestible report. Doctors are able to review the personalized patient prevention plan generated by the software during their time with the patient. With software that identifies areas of high risk, you will be able to provide additional preventative services and provide any necessary interventions.

RPM Enrollment as a Service

The Missing Piece to Your Remote Patient Monitoring Program

  • Save your practice time, resources and cost

  • Manage compliance requirements

  • Maximize the number of patients enrolled

  • Dedicated staff trained in enrollment strategies

  • The industry's highest enrollment conversion rates

  • Personalized patient marketing campaigns

MIPS and Quality Improvement Services

A quality CCM program creates opportunities your practice needs to easily improve your MIPS and Quality scores. At no additional cost, practices that choose to partner with ChartSpan for care management services receive MIPS and Quality support services.

Identify Care Gaps

Identify care gaps in your patient population that can lead to improved quality scores.

Reporting Dashboard

Know exactly where your practice stands with MIPS scores before it’s too late with ChartSpan’s dashboard and reporting.


Ensure the right patients are included in your MIPS reporting.

Impact Clinical Outcomes

Drive positive patient behaviors that impact clinical outcomes as well as quality scores.


Complimentary Consulting

A dedicated ChartSpan MIPS and Quality consultant will assist with compliance and performance scoring. Our consultants have years of experience assisting traditional practices, specialties, FQHCs and RHCs in their quality efforts. Comprehensive reporting and analytics that track quality performance will help you keep your practice on the right track.

About ChartSpan

Last year, ChartSpan's managed CCM programs decreased overall annual healthcare costs by more than $40M, generated $29M in Fee-for-Service reimbursements and created millions of dollars in shared savings. To date, we have provided more than 1M monthly patient CCM encounters, totaling more than 20M in reimbursable minutes. Their average NPS™ patient satisfaction score of 74.2 is the highest in the industry.

$40 Million

Reduced overall annual healthcare spending

$29 Million

Generated in Fee-for-Service reimbursements

1 Million +

Total patient encounters, with 20+ million reimbursable minutes.


Our Mission

We believe that proactive patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes. However, asking overburdened physicians and their staff to execute a care management and coordination program is impractical. ChartSpan's solutions relieve the workload while delivering valuable support, increased revenues, and better patient outcomes.