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Webinar: The Value of Serving Patients through Chronic Care Management

Considering Chronic Care Management?

Watch our video to discover how CCM helped one Federally Qualified Health Center.

Learn how Greater Baden Medical embraced a Chronic Care Management partner to:

  • Enroll 81% of their eligible Medicare population
  • Increase their revenue by $200,000
  • Earn a 91 NPS (patient satisfaction) score!

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The Story of How CCM Helped Hundreds of Medicare Patients

In this video, Greater Baden, a Maryland-based Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), shares how they offered expanded care to their historically underserved community through Chronic Care Management (CCM). Sonja Bachus, the CEO of Greater Baden, dives into how CCM increased their revenue by $200,000 and helped them provide care plans, health advice, and check-ins to their enrolled Medicare patients every month–with zero additional lift from their staff.

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