The Secret to crushing your MIPS score.

The Secret to Crushing Your MIPS Scores

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If you’re among the 85% of clinicians who say MIPS quality scores are important or very important to their organization, then we have good news for you. CCM and AWV programs from ChartSpan offer a way to improve your MIPS score.

Both programs help check off quality requirements thanks to the integrated analytics and reporting functions – they were developed with MIPS in mind.

Plus, ChartSpan provides its customers with access to knowledgeable MIPS consultants who can guide you through the process of optimizing your scores. In fact, the majority of ChartSpan customers scored a perfect 100 in 2018.

Download our white paper to learn how ChartSpan can help you at every step, from identifying eligible patients for CCM and AWV, to managing the programs, to submitting for MIPS.