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Best Practices for Annual Wellness Visit & Chronic Care Management Programs with Saini Medical Associates

Dr. Satinder Saini, the founder of Saini Medical Associates, is a beloved member of the Crowley, LA community. He knows every patient’s name, putting in long hours to see as many as thirty-six patients per day. When Carol Hubbard joined Saini Medical Associates as practice manager in early 2016, she began a mission to relieve some of the manual workloads and identify opportunities to create new efficiencies and new revenue streams for the practice. Complete the form to see how RapidAWV™ and ChartSpan’s CCM program have transformed their practice, allowing Dr. Saini to expand his services further than ever before.

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Patients Only Visit the Doctor When They’re Sick

Saini Medical Associates knew the value an Annual Wellness Visit Program offered patients and their practice, but found their no-show rate skyrocketing, since patients normally only visit their doctor when they’re sick. There is a better way to operate your annual wellness visit program.

Eliminate No-Shows With RapidAWV™

Per a colleague’s recommendation, Saini Medical Associates discovered a tablet-based system that no longer requires patients to schedule a separate AWV appointment. A Health Risk Assessment form is completed in the waiting room while waiting for their regularly scheduled appointment.

No More Missed Revenue Opportunities

Since RapidAWV™ offers real-time eligibility verification, the practice can instantly identify which patients are eligible for an AWV. Imagine the revenue generated when more than 90% of your patient population completes an AWV. Additionally, imagine your practice running more efficiently with a reduction of no-shows and a streamlined process to conduct AWVs. Not only did this practice increase its revenue, but it also increased the time available during the week to care for their patients.

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