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Help Me Choose: SaaS versus Fully Managed Chronic Care Management

Choose the right path for your practice: SaaS vs. Fully Managed CCM

What Chronic Care Management (CCM) operational elements should you consider before launching a program? Get your copy of this helpful flowchart.

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What is fully managed Chronic Care Management?

Having a fully managed CCM program means a partner will handle all aspects of CCM for you. From continuously identifying eligible Medicare enrollees, to closing care gaps through clinical interactions and improving performance on quality measures, you don’t have to worry about using your staff or resources to succeed.

How It Works

Healthcare organizations leverage this fully-managed CCM solution to provide an extra level of care to their at-risk patient population, without the burden of doing CCM on their own. This proven process makes CCM scalable, profitable, and easier than ever before.

Empower your providers and delight your patients!

Proactively address patient health with preventive care programs that provide more revenue for your practice and more personalized care for your patients.

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