How One Urgent Care Clinic Achieved 200% Higher Annual Wellness Visit Utilization Than the Average Primary Care Clinic

You are reading that headline correctly - an Urgent Care Clinic, built on the premise of reacting on a moment’s notice to urgent medical needs, is paving the way towards value-based care with a highly successful Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) program.

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This case study will cover:

  • How RapidAWV™ complements an Urgent Care Facility

  • Revenue generated from a 60% AWV utilization rate

  • How to convert a walk-in, sick encounter to a wellcare visit

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"We’ve seen a major shift in the behavior of patients in the Urgent Care space in the past few years. Patients are now using Urgent Care as a form of on-demand primary care. As this behavior continues to grow, we see a substantial opportunity in conducting Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare patients who visit our clinics."

- Shane Lacaillade, Chief Administrative Officer, AppleCare Urgent Care


The challenge

Provide wellness visits to sick walk-ins

Many Urgent Care Clinics aren't aware that AWVs can be combined with walk-in sick visits and reimbursed at the same rate as a primary care office. AppleCare took an innovative approach by leveraging tablet-based technology that provides instant eligibility checks, thus bypassing the need for an extra visit.

Annual Wellness Visit Program Performance


The solution

Tablet-based software that fits your unpredictable schedule

When an Urgent Care patient arrives, your front desk staff easily checks for eligibility with the HETS database. Once confirmed, the patient is handed a tablet to complete a Health Risk Assessment in the waiting room. RapidAWV™ is flexible for Urgent Care practice workflows.

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The results

200% higher AWV utilization than primary care providers

In less than one year, AppleCare Urgent Care is achieving 60% AWV utilization of all eligible Medicare patients, which is 200% higher than the average U.S. Primary Care provider office. ChartSpan’s RapidAWV™ solution helped generate an estimated $25k in new monthly revenue.

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How can a medical center, built on reactive care, focus on preventative care efforts when their patients are unpredictable? Download the case study to find the answer.