How RHCs Improve Patient Engagement & Outcomes For Their Medicare Patients

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County (MHCC) is an independent Rural Health Center (RHC) practice with two-locations located in a remote area of Wyoming. The remote nature of this region makes it essential for MHCC to focus heavily and think creatively about their patient engagement strategies. Traditional approaches to securing in-person encounters are difficult as it is not uncommon for this community to drive 100 miles to the physician’s office or a big box store.

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"ChartSpan is a great organization. I have used them in two different facilities and they never fail to live up to their promises. They help us stay connected to our patients 24/7/365 so we can provide the best possible care to the people of Carbon County. I would recommend ChartSpan to all my peers in the healthcare community."

- Melissa Yowell, Director of Clinics

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The challenge

Addressing the Difficulty of Social Determinants in Rural America

In an area where it is not uncommon for a person to drive 100 miles to the physician's office, MHCC sought out a solution to improve patient engagement and address the social determinants of traditional healthcare for their rural Medicare patients, especially in-between office visits.

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The solution

Personalized Patient Care & Patient-Guided Health Goals

Since partnering with ChartSpan, MHCC has been able to overcome their patient engagement challenges by personalizing patient care and focusing on achieving patient-guided health goals. The ChartSpan team supports this initiative through the health assessments that they conduct during monthly patient interactions.

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The results

Proactive Interventions that Improve Patient Outcomes

All of the data collected by the ChartSpan care team is reported back MHCC's providers ensuring a close connection with their geographically distant patients. ChartSpan helps providers take action and intervene proactively in situations where they otherwise may not have had visibility into emerging health challenges for their patients with chronic conditions.

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