Sustainable growth for Rural Health Clinics: How a fully-managed Chronic Care Management supports the underserved during COVID-19

Family Health Center of Ashland City (FHCAC) has operated as a Rural Health Clinic (RHC) since 2002. Dr. Scott D. Brown and his team are located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, and provide outpatient primary care and laboratory services in the rural community of Ashland City. Complete the form to see how their revenue increased during COVID-19, despite in-office visits decreasing nearly 30%.

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"Patients have said one of the best things about ChartSpan is the 24/7 access to a nurse who will actually answer the phone without a frustrating phone menu. This gives the patient great peace of mind."

– Dr. Scott Brown, Owner


The challenge

Providing Meaningful & Sustainable Healthcare Between Office Visits

Dr. Brown and his team first attempted to provide healthcare assistance to their patients between office visits, by operating their own Chronic Care Management (CCM) program in-house. Quickly feeling overwhelmed from the complexities and time commitment, they turned to ChartSpan for a sustainable CCM solution.

+ 0% Increase in Revenue

The practice saw a 4% increase in revenue during COVID-19, attributed to ChartSpan's reimbursable CCM service.

“It’s great how ChartSpan notifies FHCAC of problems or recent events we might not otherwise be aware of. The nurses are very professional and do a good job of caring for our patients. They are good ambassadors for our practice."

– Kathy Brown, Practice Administrator

The solution

Sustainable Growth with ChartSpan's Chronic Care Management Program

FHCAC decided a fully-managed CCM solution was the best option for sustainability and growth. FHCAC’s patients give Dr. Brown praise; and developed a trusting relationship with ChartSpan’s Care Coordination Team.


The results

Financial Stability During Covid-19 & Frequent Patient Data Updates

ChartSpan's Care Coordination Team identifies significant patient health events and communicates with Dr. Brown’s practice immediately. Like other providers during COVID-19 pandemic, their overall billable charges saw a sharp decrease. However an increase in revenue was attributed to ChartSpan's reimbursable CCM service. This provided the practice some financial stability during a difficult time.