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ChartSpan + Med First: Effective Enrollment in Chronic Care Management

Med First achieved extraordinary results with their Chronic Care Management program by partnering with ChartSpan.

In just one year, they went from being unsure whether they had the staff and resources required to successfully launch a Medicare Chronic Care Management program to successfully enrolling more than 1,900 patients and generating more than $1.4 million in annual recurring revenue, through a partnership with ChartSpan.

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Effective Enrollment in Chronic Care Management, Increased Revenue*, and Stellar Patient Satisfaction

In a year, Med First assisted patients with 6,359 clinical support calls, 859 nurse triage calls focused on high-acuity needs, 950 patient medication refills, 437 patient appointments, and 898 social determinants assists.

Want to learn how ChartSpan and Med First collaborated to offer high-quality Chronic Care Management to almost 2,000 patients? Discover the strategies they employed in our free case study.

*Results may vary by provider. 

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