How A Large Healthcare System Can Scale Up A Chronic Care Management Program

Case Study: Aylo Health
(formerly known as Eagles Landing Health)

With 11 locations in Atlanta, Georgia and 40+ board-certified providers, Aylo Health first tried another CCM program vendor, but found that their 250,000 patient population made it difficult to meet the 20 minutes of care coordination criteria each month. In this free case study you'll learn:

  • How to run a successful CCM program at scale
  • How managed CCM saves time and resources
  • The high quality of care between office visits
  • And more!

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With ChartSpan, I believe we are delivering better quality care to patients. Our patient satisfaction is up, and our patients like that they can get in touch with someone any time, day or night.

- Kim Wright, Aylo Health (formerly known as Eagles Landing Health)

Eagles Landing Case Study
ChartSpan Turnkey CCM

The challenge

Scaling A Chronic Care Management Program

Aylo Health found that it was incredibly time consuming to meet the 20 minutes of care coordination criteria for each patient every month, and one would have to hire an entire team if they were to implement CCM on their own.

The solution

Fully Managed Care Coordination

ChartSpan not only enrolls the patients, but also performs the care and coordination work on our behalf through its team of clinical experts on staff instead of just giving us a task list. Their extensive call center gives our patients 24x7 access to these clinicians who can answer patients’ questions any time, day or night.


The results

Patients Are Completely Taken Care Of Between Office Visits

Our patients get access to additional care services, such as medication discount cards, transportation programs, meal programs and even helping them find the right home care service provider. With ChartSpan, our patients are completely taken care of between visits, and our staff is able to focus on providing care to the patients in our office.

Sometimes when patients are unsure of a problem, they wait; and in some cases, they wait too long. I have no doubt that on multiple occasions, the ChartSpan team has saved the lives of several of our patients. Now that they have access to specialized clinicians 24 hours a day, they can just pick up the phone and get the guidance they need. The response from our patients to the ChartSpan service has been very positive.

- Kim Wright, Aylo Health (formerly known as Eagles Landing Health)

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