Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Outsource every aspect of your CCM program, including enrolling eligible patients, providing 24x7 patient access and monthly billing Medicare CPT 99490.

  • Improved outcomes

  • Increased monthly revenue

  • Enhanced patient loyalty


Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

Generate new revenue with an in-office, easily administered AWV program that offers new insights into patient health.

  • Proven prevention

  • Increased participation

  • Reduced labor costs


Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

Improve performance under Medicare MIPS to optimize reimbursement.

  • Promoting Interoperability

  • Improved quality compliance

  • Optimize performance scores

ChartSpan Benefits You and Your Patients


How Your Practice Will Benefit

Patients Will Experience

What Your Patients Will Experience


Add recurring revenue

Let us help you calculate your total net new revenues with ChartSpan’s CCM program.


Reduced hospitalizations

Patients enrolled in CCM programs have fewer hospitalizations and ED visits.


Increase reimbursed AWV

Real-time eligibility data yields an increase of 200-300% in
reimbursed AWV.


Reduced healthcare costs

CCM is proven to reduce patients’ annual out-of-pocket medical costs.


Improve MIPS score

The majority of ChartSpan clients received a perfect 100% MIPS score.


24/7 Nurse line

Patients can call ChartSpan’s team of caring nurses for any urgent or healthcare need.

ChartSpan makes Chronic Care Management possible for Physician Practices


Our CCM solution benefits your organization’s bottom line.

Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions account for 93% of total Medicare spending. That’s the driving force behind CMS’s chronic care management (CCM) program that compensates physicians for the time spent caring for these high-risk Medicare patients.

Physicians caring for Medicare patients have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream while also improving the patient experience. With ChartSpan, a single provider with 300 enrolled patients will generate $52,000 per year in net new revenue.

The biggest complaint from practices trying to manage CCM programs has been the additional workload involved with enrolling patients, tracking time, keeping patients engaged and billing. That’s where ChartSpan comes in. Our experienced teams act as an extension of your team and handle all of the components of a successful program, including:

  • Identifying eligible Medicare patients in your EHR system

  • Engaging and enrolling patients into the program

  • Servicing the patient proactively and on-demand to meet CCM requirements

  • Optimizing quality compliance

  • Capturing required documentation to support compliance

  • Feeding data and documentation into EHR system for billing


Capture new revenue and improve your MIPS scores with RapidAWV™

RapidAWV is the complete solution for maximizing annual well visits (AWVs). It can increase reimbursed AWVs by 200-300% in the first year with our real-time eligibility data – with minimal staff time. Here’s how it works:

Eligible patients complete a health risk assessment in your waiting room using user-friendly software.

  • Generates patient care plan and provider report

  • Designed to address preventive gaps in care

  • $0 patient copay – 100% Medicare reimbursed

  • Drives quality scores by collecting and aggregating data

By identifying needed screenings, AWVs have been proven to drive an average of 22 follow-up screenings, introducing additional practice revenue opportunities.

In the 2018 MIPS performance period, ChartSpan clients averaged high above the market. 95.29%


MIPS puts your revenue – and reputation – on the line. ChartSpan’s team of MIPS experts will monitor your MIPS reports and assist your practice staff in achieving compliance. In fact, many of our clients received a perfect 100% score in previous years.

ChartSpan will help you identify patients outside of the CMS compliance guidelines. A specially trained group of clinicians and health coaches will telephonically engage with your CCM patients to drive behaviors that impact various quality initiatives.