By participating in your provider's Annual Wellness Visit Program, you take a step towards better health


User-Friendly Questionnaire

An easy-to-complete questionnaire helps identify areas where your provider can help you improve your health.  


Personalized, Preventative Care Plan

After you complete the questionnaire, you will receive a copy of your care plan that you can share with your other healthcare providers.


Free to You!

Medicare pays for this service and there is no copay required. There's no reason you shouldn't participate!


What to Expect

Participating in your provider's Annual Wellness Visit program is easy and beneficial for your future. You don't need to schedule a separate visit because you can complete the Annual Wellness Visit while you are waiting for your regularly scheduled appointment to begin.

  • Check In for Your Regularly Scheduled Appointment

    Check-in with the front desk staff and complete any documentation that they may need. 

  • Find Out if You're Eligible

    Annual Wellness Visits are free to you. If you are eligible, a staff member will hand you an electronic tablet with the questionnaire already on the screen. 

  • Complete the Questionnaire

    Answer the questions on the tablet as best as you can. You should expect questions about your medical history and lifestyle.

  • Review Your Personalized Care Plan

    Once you have completed the questionnaire, a report will be generated for you and your healthcare provider. Your provider will review the report with you, make recommendations, and answer any questions you may have. 

Complete Your Annual Wellness Visit Today

If you are a Medicare patient, your provider will be able to check if you are eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit. Prevent future health issues by participating today!