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i2i Population Health is the nation’s largest population health technology company serving the underserved, safety net market, through community health centers (FQHCs), critical access and community hospitals, and managed care organizations. The i2i solution set provides workflow automation at the point of care to address mission critical functions such as quality improvement, gap closure, care coordination and management of at-risk patients.  The configurability of the i2i analytics and data visualization tools are unmatched, providing a “window” into operational, quality and financial performance at multiple levels – health center, clinic, provider – with benchmarking capabilities at the network level. In addition, i2i collaborative data sharing capabilities with health plans/MCO’s will allow improved gap closure, better management of attributed but unseen patients and further enhance quality performance.

With two decades experience, established in over half the country and spanning 30 million lives, i2i was ranked #1 by Black Book for end-to-end population health technology in 2020. The i2i platform powers an advanced data integration and aggregation engine that publishes normalized clinical and administrative data through expansive quality management and care coordination applications. Serving Others for Healthy Communities is the mission that drives i2i’s vision, culture, and actions to bring better health solutions to all communities. 

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