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Curis Consulting

CURIS Consulting is a team of consultants focused on community health center performance. CURIS consultants bring decades of experience in the Health Center, PCA/HCCN, and healthcare industry providing the expertise needed to help create clinical, operational and financial excellence. We are EMR and HIT/HIS vendor agnostic as we guide clients through operational and clinical transformations. CURIS is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and conducts business nationally. We have worked with over 150 health centers in over 25 states on a wide variety of population health strategies including, but not limited to: PCMH transformation, care coordination program development, quality improvement, data analytics, access resolution, HIT return on investment and optimization and HRSA compliance. We have exposure in varying managed care environments, size and experience of health centers, and resource limitations but remain successful in implementing and sustaining successful population health strategies.

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