Optimize Health

Optimize Health is the most switched-to RPM solution in the growing industry and is helping providers monitor their Medicare patient’s remotely and catch early signs of any abnormal readings to prevent episodic events all while being reimbursed monthly by Medicare. Optimize uses AI and automation to follow-up with patients to remind them to take their…


MedTrio, Inc. is a certified healthcare software company that specializes in electronic health records (EHR) and practice management (PM) to support multiple specialties. We at MedTrio don’t think software should be limited so we tailor programs based on what the practice requires in order to run as efficiently as possible. Every specialty is different, as…

i2i Health

i2i Population Health is the nation’s largest population health technology company serving the underserved, safety net market, through community health centers (FQHCs), critical access and community hospitals, and managed care organizations. The i2i solution set provides workflow automation at the point of care to address mission critical functions such as quality improvement, gap closure, care coordination and management of…


Driving change through value-based care analyticsThe Healthmonix approach delivers all-inclusive value-based payment products for health systems, medical groups and payors. We deliver clear direction and specific actions to improve patient health outcomes and maximize revenue.

Don Self & Associates

A consulting firm specializing in medical reimbursements and helping physician offices improve patient outcomes, improve profits while helping them stay compliant with all regulations.

Azalea Health

The founders of Azalea Health, while working at a medical laboratory company, observed that most EHRs were clunky, and physicians had a hard time understanding how to use them. As a result they were determined to develop a solution that would simplify the life of physicians and administrators.


The Association for Rural & Community Health Professional Coding (ArchProCoding) is an education and membership organization dedicated to providing quality education to rural and community health clinicians, facility management, and revenue cycle staff including the nation’s only coding and billing credentials specifically designed for those who serve America’s under-served patients at Rural Health Clinics (RHC), Federally Qualified/Community Health Centers…


The Adminologybay team understands that the problems of tomorrow will not be solved by the methods of the past. Innovation will be required. The ability to look at a problem in a different light and develop structures to support a new workflow or a new process. When a Leadership team is in place, sometimes a…

Strategic Healthcare Risk & Financial Advisors

Strategic Healthcare Risk & Financial Advisors is a group of knowledgeable and committed risk and financial consultants who have deep experience and depth. We bring decades of C-Suite, Board Room, Risk Management, Revenue Expansion, and Cost Containment Experience. Healthcare is in constant change. Such transformations bring continued stress to every element of organizations. We impact…


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