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ChartSpan provides Chronic Care Management services to Medicare patients throughout the country. A company that helps physicians improve patient outcomes while building a healthier bottom line. Our solutions relieve the provider's workload while delivering valuable support, increased revenues and better patient outcomes.

Chronic Care Management

Give your patients 24/7 access to chronic care management with the nation’s largest and most successful CCM program.

Annual Wellness Visit Program

A flexible tablet-based (AWV) process that drives performance, reduces costs, and improves patient outcomes.

MIPS Management

MIPS consulting & reporting analytics maximize positive payment adjustment for Medicare Fee-For-Service reimbursements, at no additional cost.

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We provide a comprehensive set of care services to providers of Medicare beneficiaries across the country. Our 24/7 team of nurse-led clinical experts help patients live fuller and healthier lives while also reducing their medical costs.

  • Fully compliant patient enrollment services consistently achieving a 52% enrollment rate
  • MIPS & Quality Improvement Program services at no additional charge for CCM clients
  • The highest Net Promoter Score rating (74.2) in the industry
  • The ONLY CCM provider delivering positive Net Patient Churn
  • Dedicated Client Success team accountable for driving value
  • The only CCM vendor with HITRUST Certified platforms and integration
ChartSpan Chronic Care Management

Our Mission

We believe that proactive patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes. However, asking overburdened physicians and their staffs to implement a care management and coordination program is impractical. That’s why ChartSpan solutions relieve the workload while delivering valuable support, increased revenues and better patient outcomes.


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Schedule a call with an expert to see how we can help increase revenue, expedite reimbursements, deliver valuable support and improve patient outcomes.

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Learn how to avoid the mistakes of a do-it-yourself Chronic Care Management program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About ChartSpan

ChartSpan is a chronic care management company that provides turn-key, managed care coordination and compliance programs including MIPS management and Annual Wellness Visit solutions for doctors, clinics, and health systems across the nation. In fact, ChartSpan is the largest, managed service provider of chronic care management programs in the United States.

Patients with two or more chronic conditions are susceptible to additional health issues in the future if someone does not proactively attend to their specific needs. That's where chronic care management comes in. Through a fully managed, outsourced approach, ChartSpan's team is able to focus on preventative care for patients. Their team of professionals engages with enrolled patients every month and keeps them focused on their personalized care plans.

By outsourcing a CCM program to a chronic care management company like ChartSpan, health systems, practices, and providers have the opportunity to reap the many rewards that a well-run CCM program can offer. This program, created by Medicare (CMS), has been proven to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. As a result, there is a reduction in readmissions and an extension of patients' lifespans.

Headquartered in downtown Greenville, SC, ChartSpan manages patient care coordination and value-based programs for more than 100 of the most successful practices and health systems in the United States.