Chronic Care Management For Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Clinics

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Largest Managed Service Provider

Patients in your Rural Health Clinic (RHC) or Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC) with chronic health care issues need special attention. ChartSpan, the nation's largest managed service provider of Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs, gives them what they deserve. Our CCM services provide RHCs and FQHCs with a more effective way to manage patient care, and drive improved patient outcomes and increased revenue.

Plus, ChartSpan helps address care gaps by partnering with your Quality team. We pair RHCs and FQHCs with a ChartSpan Quality Support Specialist and robust analytic reporting to help you meet or exceed your quality measures.

Help Your RHC and FQHC Patients Gain Access to Preventative Care Services

We know the challenges RHC and FQHC providers face with a tight budget and unique patient needs. In supporting your providers, we'll handle outreach, enrollment, small administrative tasks and follow-ups. You and your staff can focus entirely on medical treatment delivery.

ChartSpan's CCM program for RHCs and FQHC includes patient-based services like:

  • Ensuring each provider’s care plan is being followed by patients

  • Medication refill assistance

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Locating home health care assistance

  • Appointment-setting help for primary care and specialists

  • Caregiver support resources

  • Help for accessing test results, lab work and imaging

  • Ongoing creation of a patient-specific comprehensive care plan


Find Gaps in Your Care Plans

ChartSpan's Chronic Care Management program also helps you identify gaps in care for your RHC or FQHC. We streamline the flow of information between you and your patients, pinpointing opportunities to improve health care quality.

Our team has extensive experience with industry-leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers, as well as smaller EHRs. We'll securely transfer patient data from our system to your EHR with our no-cost data integration. You and your staff will have access to the information you need on a continuous basis to develop a comprehensive plan for care.

How it Works

Healthcare organizations leverage this fully-managed CCM solution to provide an extra level of care to their at-risk patient population, without the burden of doing CCM on their own. This proven process makes CCM scalable, profitable, and easier than ever before.

We continuously identify eligible patients and reconcile patient data.

We integrate with your EHR and contact all eligible patients for enrollment.

We provide on-site onboard training for you and your entire staff.

We track quality, measure performance, and support compliance.

Through intervention, we improve clinical outcomes at the individual patient level.

We contact your patients and give them an active role in their health.

We use our RapidBill technology, allowing you to bill much faster.

Our Enrollment Process

ChartSpan's success in enrolling patients into a CCM program beats the average in-practice patient enrollment percentage by 8x. With our streamlined process and dedicated experts, we average 52% or higher eligible patient enrollment. The ChartSpan step-by-step method includes:

  • Identifying eligibility: We'll find the patients who qualify for CCM and send a list to you for approval.
  • Educating patients and capturing consent: Once you approve, our specialists will contact patients. We'll educate them about the benefits of a Chronic Care Management program and handle the opt-in process.
  • Managing patient churn: We'll continuously look for new eligible patients as well as remove them from the program when necessary.
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How We Work

ChartSpan is a full-service CCM program coupled with end-to-end support for your clinic. Our exclusive workflows allow us to:



Integrate with your EHR to find your eligible patients



Train and familiarize your staff with the program



Support your patients with monthly outreach



Improve patient outcomes



Generate performance reports and support compliance


Bill Faster

Bill faster and get reimbursement sooner

ChartSpan's CCM program will increase your RHC or FQHC practice revenue when you bill for reimbursement under code G0511. Recent changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) mean providers using a CCM program can earn an average of 52% more beginning in 2022.

Why ChartSpan?

ChartSpan's comprehensive CCM services allow you to focus on your patients while we handle the behind-the-scenes administration of your care management program. ChartSpan is an industry leader in providing turnkey CCM and boosting practice revenue. Start a conversation with us today to learn more.