ChartSpan approved as Medi-Sota’s preferred vendor for value-based care programs for rural health practices

ChartSpan and Medi-Sota logos with people shaking hands

(Greenville, South Carolina) – August 2, 2023 – ChartSpan, a value-based care organization, has partnered with Medi-Sota to bring preventative care programs to Minnesota’s rural healthcare systems and practices. 

Medi-Sota is a nonprofit healthcare consortium of 35 rural healthcare organizations in Minnesota that work together to effectively provide value and strengthen the delivery of healthcare for their members. With this new partnership, ChartSpan becomes one of Medi-Sota’s preferred vendors for Medicare programs like Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). 

“Medi-Sota looks forward to working with ChartSpan and their team to support our mission by offering additional services and value to our membership,” said Jennifer Gearman, Medi-Sota’s Member Services Coordinator. 

ChartSpan’s Chronic Care Management offers rural health providers support in caring for patients with chronic conditions through personalized care plans, monthly check-ins, and a 24-hour nurse line. These resources can be especially effective for rural patients who want to stay connected to their providers. ChartSpan currently provides CCM services to more than 140 practices and health systems across the U.S. 

In addition to CCM, ChartSpan will offer Medi-Sota’s members RapidAWV, an Annual Wellness Visit software. Annual Wellness Visits enable providers to address patients’ gaps in care and create preventative care plans once per year. RapidAWV makes these visits more efficient by automating the patient eligibility process and helping patients complete their Health Risk Assessment (HRA) before they meet with their provider.

“After getting to know the team at Medi-Sota and learning more about their mission, it was clear early on that we were a great fit. I believe this partnership will produce fantastic results in the pursuit of improving overall healthcare in Minnesota,” said Shane Grivich, ChartSpan’s Chief Strategy Officer. 

If you’d like to learn more about Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits, and other value-based care programs, you can visit For more on how Medi-Sota serves Minnesota’s rural healthcare organizations, go to


Medi-Sota is a nonprofit healthcare consortium of 35 rural healthcare organizations in Minnesota working together to provide customized value and services that will meet the individual needs of its members. Membership benefits include cost savings through preferred vendors and business partners, specialized recruitment of providers and allied health professionals, free and discounted education, and peer networking groups.

Published: August 2, 2023

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