How One Rural Practice Performed the Highest Percentage of Annual Wellness Visits in Their ACO

Case Study: Dr. Gigi Davis, DO

New sources of revenue can help independent rural practices keep their doors open and continue serving their patients. And for Dr. Gigi Davis’s practice, their Annual Wellness Visit software, RapidAWV™, not only brought in revenue but also improved the practice’s ACO quality scores.

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I was skeptical at first because we’re in rural Tennessee. A lot of people don’t have a computer….Is it (AWV software) going to speed up their time in the office, if the nurse has to sit there and go through it with them? But it’s worked, them getting it done while they’re waiting. I would say the value is definitely there.

– Greg Davis, Office Manager, Dr. Gigi Davis, DO

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Impress Your ACO with Higher AWV Completion Rates

Discover how Dr. Gigi Davis’s practice used RapidAWV™ to automate their patient eligibility process, raise their AWV completion rate to 76%, and become the number-one performer of AWVs in their ACO. Download the case study to learn more!