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Putting Patients First: How CCM Supports Ryan Health’s Commitment to Quality Healthcare

How Ryan Health Increased Preventative Care and Reduced Hospital Readmissions with ChartSpan’s CCM Program

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In the healthcare landscape, prioritizing preventative care and reducing hospital readmissions are crucial for both patient well-being and cost-effectiveness. Ryan Health, a network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), made significant strides in these areas by leveraging Chronic Care Management (CCM). Their enrolled patients benefited from:

✔️ Early detection of potential health issues:Increased cancer screenings, blood pressure checks, and A1C monitoring allowed for proactive intervention.

✔️ Reduced healthcare costs: Lower hospital readmissions led to significant cost savings for both Ryan Health and its patients.

✔️ Empowered patients: Active patient engagement in CCM fostered a sense of ownership and control over their health.

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