Keeping track of any and all medication you’re taking is not only good for you, but it’s also good for your healthcare team. Dosages and frequencies are just as important as the name of the medicine, and you shouldn’t have to remember (or worse, try to guess) all of that! Keeping all of this information straight is much easier when you add your medications to your ChartSpan profile. Let’s walk through how to easily add this information.

From the app, click on profile icon, and select the profile you want to add the medications too. Scroll down to “Current Medications” and hit the “+” button to add a new medication. You will be taken to the below screen.

ChartSpan add a medication

From here, add in each medication (prescription, OTC medication, supplement, etc.) that you are currently taking. Hit “Save” and you have it all in one place. No more guess work at the doctor.

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