What’s the first thing your doctor’s office administrator asks you for when you show up for your appointment? “May I see your insurance card?” Now, typically if you are in a hospital or clinical setting, you’re not in the mood to be fumbling through a purse or wallet to find some pesky card. Fret no more! With ChartSpan, you can keep your insurance information at your fingertips. Now, let’s run through how to add your insurance card to your ChartSpan profile.

Select the “Profile” option on the menu at the bottom of the screen

select profile


Once you’ve selected the correct profile, click on the “+” button next to where it says “Tap to add new insurance”

add new insurance card


On this screen, you can enter all of the information needed for your insurance, including adding pictures of your insurance cards. To do this,  select “Front” or “Back” to upload a photo of your card.

take pic of ins card


Select “Add photo”.



Now it’s time to show off your photography skills! Snap a picture of your insurance card, or upload one you’ve already taken.



Almost finished! You’ve saved the photos of your insurance card, now just fill out the remaining fields and you’re done!



Save your insurance information, and viola! No more digging around for worn out insurance cards, because the information is all conveniently located within your ChartSpan app. You’re welcome!

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