ChartSpan Announces Partnership with the South Carolina Medical Association

SCMA ChartSpan

ChartSpan, the leading provider of managed Chronic Care Management (CCM) in the United States, has announced a new partnership with the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA).

With a headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina, ChartSpan values strong local roots and continues to develop them through their vast partnerships. A partnership with SCMA will offer access to ChartSpan’s value-based programs to its members – including physicians, residents, and medical students of South Carolina. SCMA will be an important resource in the education and advocacy of value-based programs like Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits throughout the state of South Carolina.

“Since 1848 the South Carolina Medical Association has been the preeminent institution that focuses on improving the licensing and education standards for physicians across the state. We’re truly humbled and honored to announce that our two organizations have partnered with a shared goal of bringing new and innovative ideas to the healthcare community,” said ChartSpan’s Chief Strategy Officer, Shane Grivich.

“We are excited to offer our physician members a distinct advantage through our partnership with ChartSpan. When ChartSpan engages with practices as an extension of their care team, everyone wins. Physicians and their staffs can ultimately focus more time on what is most important – providing exceptional patient care,” explains Richele Taylor, South Carolina Medical Association CEO.

About The South Carolina Medical Association

The South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA) is the only membership organization in South Carolina that represents physicians of all specialties and geographic locations. SCMA staff works methodically to guide SCMA members through statewide issues affecting the practice of medicine. Additionally, SCMA provides educational resources and opportunities to its members for CME requirements.

Published: September 21, 2022

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