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Patient Stories

I called the patient, and he remembered me from last month. He mentioned that he was so thankful that last month I arranged transportation for him to get to the dentist and sent him paperwork to get his VA card. He said he wouldn't have been able to go without our assistance!

Lakisha Davis ChartSpan Clinical Specialist

The patient mentioned she was having trouble paying the copays for her medicine. I did some research and found some coupons that would save her a significant amount of money each month. I mailed them to the patient and she called to tell us how grateful she was to be able to afford her prescriptions again.

Destiny Middleton ChartSpan Clinical Specialist

I spoke with the patient's daughter who is the caregiver. She said she had been trying to get medication refills for a while and was having a difficult time getting them. I contacted the doctor's office and set it up with the pharmacy. She said from now on she will just call ChartSpan and let us handle it.

Meagan Hannah ChartSpan Clinical Specialist

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