• our clients don't worry about MACRA.

We’ve never met a practice manager who didn’t have their hands full. The last thing you’re looking for is another set of hoops to jump through and more CMS jargon to digest. So we’re taking care of it.

ChartSpan delivers managed MACRA services for providers who are tired of buying expensive and ineffective software. You’ll get guaranteed results without the burden of long term contracts.

You can get back to carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders without MACRA hanging over your head – we’ve got it from here.

ensured MIPS compliance

we send you help.

you get your very own, on-site MACRA consultant.

we make you money.

we drive performance = increased reimbursements for you.

we do the work.

MACRA responsibilities fall on our shoulders, not yours.

we ensure compliance.

everybody has their thing. ours is geeking out over MACRA.

chronic care management solution

website_ccm section
website_ccm section

we can help you simplify MACRA.

HIPAA Compliant

we promise not to call you 100 times

we promise not to spam your inbox

we promise not to sell your information