CMS’s Latest CCM Code: 99491 – A Fast Way for Doctors to Lose a Lot of Money

CMS’s Latest CCM Code: 99491 – A Fast Way for Doctors to Lose a Lot of Money (Authored by Jon-Michial Carter, CEO and Founder of ChartSpan, the country’s largest provider of managed Chronic Care Management services.)  The Centers for Medicare and … Read More

How to use the “Share” feature

FAQ: ChartSpan’s new “Share” Feature What does the “Share” feature do? This feature allows you to share the information you have in ChartSpan with another user. Say you are managing your son’s health records in the app, and then your … Read More

How to Request a Record with ChartSpan

You have set up your profile and you are healthy as a horse with no doctor appointments on the horizon. But you want to start managing your healthcare today. No worries there, our friend! You can start by collecting your … Read More

How to Add Your Insurance Card

What’s the first thing your doctor’s office administrator asks you for when you show up for your appointment? “May I see your insurance card?” Now, typically if you are in a hospital or clinical setting, you’re not in the mood … Read More

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS

Genetic Screening May Be Just the Answer Scientists Have Been Hoping For.   Sudden Infant Death Syndrome “SIDS” is tragic and devastating for any parent. Parents are left wondering if they could have done anything to prevent their child’s death. … Read More

Improve Your Nutritional Literacy

Think back on your life. Okay, that may be a little too deep. Let’s focus on when you started to understand the importance of what you were eating and, even further, how diet affected your body. I call it nutritional … Read More

Keeping Track of Medications

Keeping track of any and all medication you’re taking is not only good for you, but it’s also good for your healthcare team. Dosages and frequencies are just as important as the name of the medicine, and you shouldn’t have … Read More

How Do I Send a Record in ChartSpan?

School starting back up and you need to provide up to date immunization records? Want to make sure your regular doctor receives an update from your specialist appointment? With ChartSpan, you can share any healthcare records with additional people with just … Read More

How Do I Complete My Profile in ChartSpan?

The first step towards becoming a ChartSpan superstar is to complete your personal profile. To get started, let’s hit the “Profile” option on the bottom right of the screen. Right next to your name there is a little gear icon. Click on that … Read More

ChartSpan Becomes The Most Downloaded Medical App in America

Greenville, SC ­ – ChartSpan, a consumer platform for patients managing healthcare records, has become the most downloaded iPhone and iPad medical app in the United States. ChartSpan is an iPhone and iPad app empowering  consumers with the ability to … Read More