Are you an overwhelmed mom? Here are 3 Secrets to Help


Slowing down so you can speed up seems counterproductive most of the time but when it’s done effectively it really helps busy moms be more productive.

Here are 3 secrets to help you get you out of overwhelm and get more done.

mother_calm_in_the_storm-980x480Secret #1– Breathe, REALLY breathe!

Most of the time we are running around like crazy (it’s the life of a Mom isn’t it?) and of course breathing is essential but we may not be doing it in the best way.  When was the last time you stopped and took some really big deep breaths?

I recommend this to help moms when they are super busy,  have a lot they want to accomplish and are feeling very overwhelmed.  Here’s how it works…

Stop whatever you are doing and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath in through your nose and extend your belly out – yup, I said out!  Most moms end up sucking in their belly when breathing in which seems natural because they want to appear to have a trim middle.  Sucking in your belly can be helpful to build your core, but not best for this purpose.Put your hand on your belly and as you inhale push your belly out as far as you can.  Then as you exhale and breathe out through your mouth, pull your belly in and imagine your belly button pushing all the way to your back.  Breathe out slow and strong until you are completely out of air.  As you exhale, imagine all the stress falling away from your body.  Do this 5-7 times and keep your eyes closed if possible (caution: it is recommended to do this sitting down and if you’ve never done this before in this way, you may feel slightly dizzy).

When you breathe deeply in the middle of the craziness of your day, you will find that it helps you relax enough so you can think clearer, make better decisions and end up being more productive!

Secret #2 – Give Yourself Grace

This secret is all about being gentle with yourself and acknowledging everything you have going on.  You are a very busy woman 20100217-stressed-mother-300x205and are attempting to do a LOT in the course of each day.  And moms tend to be very hard on themselves which really doesn’t make things better.

I know I used to beat myself up on a regular basis and let my mind chatter get VERY negative most of the time.  I finally realized that this activity wasn’t doing me any good and actually stopped me from accomplishing the things I wanted to do.

So this secret is all about being kinder and gentler with yourself.  Imagine your best friend is having a tough day and think about how you would treat her?  What would you say to her to help her feel better?  What things would you do for her? Now, imagine that YOU are your best friend and treat yourself that exact way!

This secret really helps make a shift in your mindset and when you give yourself grace your confidence will increase and you will begin believing in what you can do and get accomplished.  It may take a little time for this to happen so be patient with yourself and find a trigger (photo or song for example) that when you see or hear it you immediately allow yourself grace.

Dad-ChoresSecret #3 – Fully Receive and Accept Support

The 3rd secret is all about adding support in your life.  Many times busy moms are reluctant to ask for support.  It could be because they want things to get done a certain way. Or maybe it’s because theyfeel guilty asking or accepting support.  Another reason might be that they see it as an inability to do everything themselvesand they thinkit shows they are weak.  But in reality, asking for support shows strength and courage…not weakness.

I invite you to ask yourself a few questions about support:

“What amount of support do I have in my life?  Is it the amount I want? Is it as much as I need?”

If you find you don’t have a lot (or any) support currently, make a list of some areas in your life where you could use support and who you can ask to help you.  Then get started…nothing changes without action!  Just imagine how you can be more productive when you begin allowing others to support you.

And if you are having trouble asking for help, consider the fact that you are allowing the gift to others to be able to give.  And giving is an action that allows you to really feel good deep down inside, especially if you are doing it from a place of genuine love.  So that is a powerful opportunity you are giving someone.

I hope you have fun with these secrets and begin to see your overwhelm decrease and your productivity increase.If you would like more simple exercises to help you slow down so you can speed up effectively, click here to learn more and register for a class.

Jamie head shotAbout the Author: At the age of 31 with 3 kids under the age of 3, Jamie found herself on the back burner big time!  She was exhausted physically and emotionally and believed she had to “do it all, all the time”.   Jamie realized she didn’t have to live her life on the back burner and was able to make shifts in a way that led her to live in her “Sweet Spot”.  She is passionate about teaching women the techniques and skills she learned to get back into balance faster so they don’t have to spend several years feeling burnt out, exhausted and guilty like she did.  Subscribe for a free magazine for moms that I co-publish at